This election year, I find myself in a unique position. I have worked with T. Walton and Bruce Jolliff their entire law enforcement careers.

I have had many years to observe these two individuals unlike a brief debate, a handshake and a smile, or a flyer in the mail. I have seen the way they treat and talk about their subordinates, the courts, the public and other law enforcement agencies.

I have seen their abilities to deal with managerial decisions, their abilities to deal with stressful situations, their abilities to organize and how they relate to their employees and the public.

I have seen the level of respect each has received from fellow employees and others who have worked closely with them.

I am a registered Republican, but having known these two individuals as long and as well as I have, I feel there is only one choice that can be made for sheriff of Harvey County. This year, I will be voting for the man and not the party, as I will be voting for T. Walton, and I encourage all of you to do the same.

Randy Stults,

retired deputy chief of police, Newton Police Department