Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• I’d like to say kudos to our city commission and our mayor for taking a stance that we do need a recreation center and one that won’t increase our taxes. Thanks so much for everything you do.

• My issue is with parking outside the train station on Main Street. The vehicles are too large for the parking spots and impede traffic on Main going north. There’s not enough room in the lane to drive cars through when another car is in the left-hand lane. Why won’t the city do something about it and not allow parking on that section of Main Street?

• The recently completed mini-park at the front of the Newton Depot is attractive, in its way, but I wonder  whether the historical details of that site were somehow overlooked when the project was planned? As the primary function of that building is still that of a railroad station, and there are increasingly good possibilities of daytime Amtrak trains returning to Newton with expansion of the Heartland Flyer, what became of the circle driveway that used to allow passengers easy access, particularly in inclement weather?

• I am not hard of hearing, and I have lived in Newton for many years, and the trains are just part of Newton. That’s part of living in a railroad town. My mother once told me, years ago, if you complain too much it’s because you enjoy it. Could that be the case here? Newton is a railroad town.

• I married 64 years ago and brought her to Newton, and we have lived here all our married life. We definitely love the sound of the train going through Newton. And another nice thing about it is if you want to get on a train and go east or west, Newton is one of the points you can do it.

• I am a senior citizen, and my favorite thing about Newton is hearing the train whistle blowing. So please, please, don’t take the music from me. I really do love to hear it — morning, noon or night. It reminds me of my childhood and my roots, and it’s a comfort to me when I hear the train whistle come through town. I really love it. Hope we can keep it in Newton.

• I have two favorite things about living in Newton, The first thing is I love my church family; They always make me feel welcome. And the second thing I like is when I am getting ready for work early in the morning I can hear the sound of the trains approaching Newton from the west and thank God everyday I have another day of life for him and the joy being able to hear the sounds of the train whistle.