Marc Rhoades deserves to be re-elected to the Kansas House of Representatives for many reasons, but mainly because he is honest, trustworthy and loyal.

He has served one term, so you know something about his character and his values.

I also admire a couple of other traits I have found in Marc. First, he is an excellent listener. He will go to great lengths to hear what you have to say and, if need be, help you find a solution.

Second, he is a leader. He has proved this through his prestigious committee assignments and his being chosen to attend the State Legislators Leadership Foundation, as well as being appointed to the Performance Measurement Commission.

Marc will never resort to negative campaigning. You might notice all of his literature is positive while providing reasons to support him, and not why you should vote against his opponent.

These are all reasons why I admire Marc and will vote to re-elect him. I hope you will, too.


Garry Boston,