Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

Question: It’s open forum week. What’s on your mind?

• The United States simply has to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. This is serious, folks. This is a national security issue. We can get some of what we use by offshore drilling, but not much. We’ve got to use less and develop alternative sources of energy. I do my part by riding my bicycle to work most days. More people should try it. It’s fun, I use less gas and I feel good in the process.

• The most important issue today is the fact the news media does not report the news — they try to make the news. They are the ones who will elect the next president if you let them. Check the facts. Don’t vote according to what you hear on TV nightly news. God help us all.

• FYI: Remember the promise one-year sales tax will reduce, not raise, personal property taxes. Read The Newton Kansan from Sept. 20, page 4A, column 4, down to line 5 and 6. Incremental increases in personal property tax to pay for a convention center. Now I’ve lived here more than 20 years and have never seen or heard of anyone needing a 500-seat center. Has anyone?

• The Newton Railer football players need to keep moving forward. You have a great team. Go Railers.

• Must be close to voting time. Pat Roberts is all over the TV again. But I’m voting for Slattery and any other Democrat on the ballot.

• Shame on the landlords that promise repairs and maintenance and never do them.

• Residents of Newton are tired of wasting their time and gas on the near-constant stream of trains plowing through town. Newton will never be a progressive city until they build an overpass.