The Newton High School girls’ golf team tied for fifth at the Winfield Invitational Monday at the Winfield Country Club.

Arkansas City won the eight-team tournament at 184, followed by Wichita Northwest at 198 and Kapaun-Mt. Carmel at 207. Newton shot a 220.

The Newton High School girls’ golf team tied for fifth at the Winfield Invitational Monday at the Winfield Country Club.

Arkansas City won the eight-team tournament at 184, followed by Wichita Northwest at 198 and Kapaun-Mt. Carmel at 207. Newton shot a 220.

Newton was led by Brittnie Dillon with a 50, followed by Hannah Anderson and Marissa Bontrager each with a 56. Morgan Gay shot a 58. Katie Schmidt shot a 69 and Stacia Curiel shot a 76.

“The team continues to improve as the season progresses,” Newton coach Joanie Pauls said. “We shot eight strokes below our season average on a very difficult course. Brittnie Dillon shot 50 which tied her for 10th place. Unfortunately, she lost the scorecard playoff for a medal. She is playing better but needs to improve her consistency. With her distance, she doesn’t need to hit driver off of every tee. Today she had two holes where she had to take penalty strokes for hitting in the water. She could have easily shot in the mid-40s but it was a good learning experience for her.

“Marissa Bontrager and Hannah Anderson both shot 56. Hannah was playing well, but on hole number eight, she had a bad drive,which compounded into a 10 on the hole. She shot almost 20 strokes better than she did on this course last year (on junior varsity). Marissa’s short game was strong today. A few of the longer holes caused her problems. She was hitting her approach shots good but taking too steep of downswing with her driver and popping her drives up.

“Morgan Gay had her best round of the season today. She was able to break 60 for the first time and on one of the harder courses we play. Katie Schmidt had a difficult time with her tempo and could not get her round going. It was nice to have Morgan’s score for the team with Katie having an off day. Stasia played better around the greens but is still getting used to the more difficult conditions the varsity plays.”

Thursday, Newton placed sixth at the nine-team, 18-hole Arkansas City Invitational.

Kapaun won the meet at 357, followed by Arkansas City at 366 and Bishop Carroll at 389. Newton had a 458.

The Railers were led by Dillon at 104, followed by Anderson at 113, Bontrager at 117 and Schmidt at 124. Gay shot a 137 and Curiel shot a 156.

“Marissa Bontrager is the only member of this year’s team who played in this tournament last year,” Pauls said. “For Hannah Anderson, Katie Schmidt, Morgan Gay and Stasia Curiel, this was their first time to play an 18-hole meet. The conditions at Ark City Country Club are different than what we are used to. Ark City CC is very hilly and the players often end up with awkward side-hill lies. We also struggled as a team with the Bermuda rough around the greens. The ball would settle down very deep into the grass and was difficult to pitch out, even if we were only a few yards from the putting surface. Sand Creek Station, where we practice, doesn’t have Bermuda grass and the ball reacts quite differently.

“Brittnie Dillon, played well on her first nine breaking 50 for the first time on nine holes with a 48. Unfortunately, on her second nine she struggled some with her driver and two bad holes cost her achance at a medal. Hannah Anderson had a personal best today. She worked hard during the week on transferring her weight with her longer clubs and was able to add quite a bit of distance with her driver. She had a 63 on her first nine holes (13 through three) but improved to a 50 on her second nine holes.

“Marissa started strong and shot 54 going out. She lost her focus during the middle of her round after the pace of play was slowed due to some trouble the groups in front of her were having but was still able to improve two strokes over her score here last year. Katie had a bad first hole and took a few holes to get her round going again. She shot 68 on her first nine (18 through 8), but improved 12 strokes on her last nine to shoot 56 coming in. Morgan had difficulty with her short game. The greens had been recently aereated and were playing much slower than usual. Morgan was consistently leaving her putts short on her front nine. She switched midway through her round to a cross-handed putting grip to help her not decelerate on her putts and was able to lower her second nine total by five strokes. Stasia played in her first varsity meet for us at No. 6 today. She had a good stretch of holes in the middle of her round but seemed to struggle with nerves early. I think she will do better in her next varsity start.”

Newton plays Thursday at the Hutchinson Invitational at Carey Park.

Winfield Invitational


Team scores — Arkansas City 184, Wichita Northwest 198, Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 207, Bishop Carroll 211, Maize 220-59, Newton 220-69, Derby 230, Winfield 235.

Medalists — 1. Sarah Rowe WNW 38, 2. Mikala Payne D 39, 3. Alyssa Lewis AC 43, 4. Erin Osterthun AC 46, 5. (tie) Paden Parker AC 47, Rachael Stanley BC 47, 7. (tie) Alex Blenz AC 48, Kayla Rathert KMC 48, Jessica Bazzell WNW 48, 10. (winner of scorecard playoff wasn’t indicated) Maidson Murphy BC 50, Jill Wyss KMC 50, Brittnie Dillon N 50.

Other Newton scores — Hannah Anderson 56, Marissa Bontrager 56, Morgan Gay 58, Katie Schmidt 69, Stasia Curiel 76.

Arkansas City Invitational


Team scores — Kapaun-Mt. Carmel 357, Arkansas City 366, Bishop Carroll 389, Derby 395, Andover 421, Newton 458, Wichita East 461, Winfield 467. Wichita Independent no team score.

Medalists — 1. Laura Oxler KMC 86, 2. Brittany Meeds 87, 3. Alex Blenz AC 88, 4. Emily Adamson KMC 88, 5. Rachel Stanley BC 88, 6. Paden Parker AC 90, 7. Katie Phillips AC 93, 8. Mikala Payne D 93, 9. Jordan Dolatta D 94, 10. Erin Ostherthun Ac 95.

Longest drive — Adamson. Closest to pin — Meeds.

Newton scores — Dillon 104, Anderson 113, Bontrager 117, Schmidt 124, Gay 137, Curiel 156.