Ron Krehbiel spotted something he didn’t understand in a report handed to the Harvey County Commission Monday — the county was listed as delinquent on solid waste fees and, in turn, taxes.

“How come we are more than 10 grand behind?” Krehbiel asked.

The answer is simple — in a way.

The county appears as behind on taxes, and solid waste fees, because the county issues bonds for Asbury Park. Because of those bonds, the county shows up as the property owner on the reports.

Asbury Park, a non-profit, is responsible for the solid waste fees — which were open to protest during a public hearing during the commission meeting Monday.

“They will likely pay those,” said John Waltner, director of special projects for the county.

“Asbury Park actually does not owe the taxes, but they do owe the solid waste fees,” said county administrator Craig Simons.

The commission on Monday agreed to forward a list of more than $36,000 in unpaid solid waste fees to the county clerk’s office. The clerk’s office will pursue payment of those fees.

The solid waste fees are part of property tax bills sent out by the county each year, and if a landowner gets behind on paying taxes, they also get behind on the $36 annual fee.

“They can not come in and only pay their solid waste fee,” county clerk Joyce Truskett said. “They must pay their taxes, as well. When someone comes in and pays their first-half taxes, $18 of that goes to the solid waste fee.”

The fee is levied per residential unit.

If taxes and fees are not paid for three years, the county can foreclose on a property.

In other business, the commission:

• Voted to sign an intent to issue up to $2 million in Industrial Revenue Bonds for a project with Schaben Industries.

• Signed an agreement to market up to 12 acres of land that will sit adjacent to the new Harvey County Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

The county will market 12 acres it purchased as part of the fairgrounds purchase that is next to Old Highway 81.

• Discussed a non-drilling oil and natural gas exploration lease with J. Fred Hambright Co. The company would like to lease Harvey County West Park for exploration at $15 per acre for a three-year term.