Salina Sacred Heart edged Sterling for the team title of the Trojan Invitational girls’ tennis tournament Thursday in Hillsboro.

Salina Sacred Heart edged Sterling for the team title of the Trojan Invitational girls’ tennis tournament Thursday in Hillsboro.

Sacred Heart edged Sterling 60-54. Chapman was third at 49, followed by Wichita Independent, Hillsboro, Circle, Hutchinson Trinity and Wichita Collegiate.

At first singles, Janel Prather of Sterling downed Moe Mikinski of Sacred Heart 8-1. Becky Faber of Hillsboro took third.

At second singles, Morgan Hale of Sacred Heart downed Jamie Gellerman of Sterling in the finals 8-6. Kelsey Bartel took fourth for Hillsboro.

At first doubles, Tammy and Tonya Garners of Chapman won the title over Emily Douglas and Chelsea Ellis of Sacred Heart 8-1. Hillsboro’s Emma Heyen and Aubrey Meier took eighth.

At second doubles, Jillian Poynter and Kelcey Ondek of Wichita Independent won the title over Ashley Eagleburger and Steph Cameron of Chapman 8-4. Hillsboro’s Elise Heyen and Hayley Pankratz of Hillsboro took sixth.

Hillsboro competes at 8 a.m. today at the Wichita Collegiate Tournament of Champions.

Trojan Invitational


at Hillsboro

Team scores — Salina Sacred Heart 60, Sterling 54, Chapman 49, Wichita Independent 39, Hillsboro 27, Circle 20, Hutchinson Trinity 19, Wichita Collegiate 12.

First singles

Quarterfinals — Moe Mikinski SSH def. Barbara Commons Cha. 8-0, Lizzie Degner HT def. Kelcie Cole WC 8-1, Janel Prather St. def. Claire Wiese WI 8-0, Becky Faber Hi. def. Brittany Kitchen Cir. 8-6.

Semifinals — Championship: Mikinski SSH def. Degner HT 8-3, Prather St. def. Faber Hi. 8-1. Consolation: Commons Cha. def. Cole WC 8-3, Wiese WI def. Kitchen Cir. 8-3.

Medal round — First: Prather St. def. Mikinski SH 8-1. Third: Faber Hi. def. Degner HT 8-4. Fifth: Wiese WI def. Commons Cha. 8-5. Seventh: Cole WC def. Kitchen Cir. forfeit.

Second singles

Quarterfinals — Jamie Gellerman St. def. Rachel Park WC 8-0, Kelsey Bartel Hi. def. Haley Worth WI 8-1, Morgan Hale SSH 8-0, Sara Tajchman Cha. def. Sarah Brummett HT 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Gellerman St. def. Bartel Hi. 8-2, Hale SSH def. Tajchman Cha. 8-0. Consolation: Worth WI def. Park WC 8-0, Bushey Cir. def. Brummett HT 8-5.

Medal round — First: Hale SSH def. Gellerman St. 8-6. Third: Tajchaman Cha. def. Bartel Hi. 8-5. Fifth: Bushey Cir. def. Worth WI 8-6. Seventh: Brummett HT def. Park WC 8-4.

First doubles

Quarterfinals — Tammy Garners-Tonya Garners Cha. def. Sarah Kenning-Courtney Chacon HT 8-0, Caroline Swanson-Milan Kumar WI def. Mariah Moxley-Kelsey Clothier WC 8-5, Carolyn McCullers-Kacee Britton St. def. Lauren Johnson-Kristy Burton Cir. 8-1, Emily Douglas-Chelsea Ellis SSH def. Emma Heyen-Aubrey Meier Hi. 8-2.

Semifinals — Championship: Garners-Garners Cha. def. Swanson-Kumar WI 8-0, Douglas-Ellis SSH def. McCullers-Britton St. 8-5. Consolation: Moxley-Clothier WC def. Kenning-Chacon HT 8-7 (12-10), Johnson-Burton Cir. def. Heyen-Meier Hi. 8-4.

Medal round — First: Garners-Garners Cha. def. Douglas-Ellis SSH 8-1. Third: McCullers-Britton St. def. Swanson-Kumar WI score na. Fifth: Moxey-Clothier WC def. Johnson-Bruton Cir. 8-3. Seventh: Kenning-Chacon HT def. Heyen-Meier Hi. 8-6.

Second doubles

Quarterfinals — Erica Cartwright-Ashley Clark Cir. def. Angela Koehler-Emily Murillo HT 8-4, Jillian Poynter-Kelcey Ondek WI def. Emily Hanes-Katelyn Buckman St. 8-1, Hannah Hemmer-Kellie Pahls SSH won by forfeit WC, Ashley Eagleburger-Steph Cameron Cha. def. Elise Heyen-Hayley Pankratz Hi. 8-0.

Semifinals — Championship: Poynter-Ondek WI def. Cartwright-Clark Cir. 8-3, Eagleburger-Cameron Cha. def. Hemmer-Pahls SSH 8-7 (7-4). Consolation: Hanes-Buckman St. def. Koehler-Murillo HT 8-2, Heyen-Pankratz Hi. bye.

Medal round — First: Poynter-Ondek WI def. Eagleburger-Cameron Cha. 8-4. Third: Hemmer-Pahls SSH def. Cartwright-Clark Cir. 8-3. Fifth: Hanes-Buckman St. def. Heyen-Pankratz Hi. 8-0. Seventh: Koehler-Murillo HT bye.