This letter is in support of the candidacy of Lieutenant T. Walton for the position of Harvey County sheriff.

I have known T. Walton for almost 30 years. When T. first moved here after graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University in Salina, he and I both joined and became active in the Newton Jaycees. The Jaycees at that time was an extremely active community service organization. T. did not hesitate to volunteer for our many service projects. His organizational and leadership skills were very apparent then as they are now. Around that time, T. became very active in the Special Olympics program, in which he participated for many years.

T. is a humble, compassionate, caring individual who also has the street smarts to make him an effective law enforcement officer. His creativity and ability to think outside the box have enabled him to solve many crimes in his 20-plus years as a Newton police officer, lieutenant and detective. T. has worked cases from homicides to property to juvenile crimes. His work in one particular case was even featured on the Discovery T.V. channel.

His work in establishing and still operating the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center has been held up as a model to numerous other communities who have established their own programs to help victims of child abuse.

Space does not permit me to list here the numerous awards and special recognition which T. has received through the years as a Newton police officer and detective. You can find a list of these in his campaign material and at his Web site

To sum up, I have known T. Walton both personally and professionally for almost 30 years. I can tell you with all sincerity the citizens of Harvey County will be well served when we elect T. Walton as our next Harvey County sheriff.

Donald Snapp, Newton.