To the citizens of Harvey County: It was an honor and privilege to serve as your sheriff for 17 years.

Approximately 15 months ago, A. J. Wuthnow asked me to be his campaign treasurer for his candidacy for the office of sheriff, and I agreed to serve in that capacity. During the campaign, it became obvious to me I was supporting the wrong candidate. I remained quiet during the campaign because I had given my word to A.J. that I would serve as his treasurer. I resigned that position on Aug. 11.

If anyone cast his or her vote for him because I was his treasurer, I apologize for my silence.

Due to actions A.J. has taken at the sheriff’s office I love, I cannot remain quiet any longer. Recently, a dear friend and loyal and dedicated employee of the sheriff’s office for the past 14 years was terminated for no cause. Needless to say, the office is in turmoil, and the morale is the lowest I have ever seen.

Eighteen years ago, Sheriff Galen E. Morford left me a progressive sheriff’s office full of employees dedicated to the citizens of Harvey County. Fifteen months ago, I believed I had left A.J. Wuthnow that same office.

I ask you to join me and my retired undersheriffs in asking A.J. for his immediate resignation from the office of sheriff so the newly elected sheriff taking the oath of office in January will have the same office that was left to me and the sheriff’s office you have come to expect and deserve.

— Byron L. Motter, Harvey County sheriff (retired), 1976 to 2007

— Max Gilbert, Harvey County undersheriff (retired), 1979 to 2000

— Mike Watkins, Harvey County undersheriff (retired), 1975 to 2005

— Steve Bayless, Harvey County undersheriff (retired), 1984 to 2007