Sharing information about “green” initiatives that can help Harvey County reduce its carbon footprint is one of the objectives of a subcommittee of the Harvey County Council of Governments, a group open to anyone interested in renewable energy sources and conserving energy.

However, at the second meeting of the group Tuesday in the basement of the county courthouse, leaders said there needs to be more involvement in the group.

Jim Goering, North Newton council member, gave a presentation about the North Newton City Hall to John Torline, North Newton city administrator, two Bethel College staff members, Keith DeHaven of Sedgwick and John Waltner of Hesston.

Goering talked about how the structure was built using ideas of conserving energy and using natural sunlight to help light and heat the building. He mentioned the products used in construction of the building and how the council only wanted to increase costs of using more environment friendly products by about 5 percent.

Following the presentation, the small group discussed wind energy and other ways to decrease energy usage, such as compact florescent light bulbs.

DeHaven and Torline, who are members of the Harvey County Council of Governments, and Goering discussed taking the summer months to gain more enthusiasm for the group from communities in the county as well as other individuals who may be interested in the initiative.