Joyce Truskett became the Harvey County clerk in December of 2004, a position she isn’t quite willing to part with yet.

The incumbent has filed for reelection for November’s general election.

“I have things yet to do,” Truskett said. “There are things left to accomplish. ... I am not done learning, this is not that kind of a job.”

The clerk’s position may be overlooked by many, but it is an important one within the county. The county clerk oversees all the elections within the county.

“My job is to make sure we have fair elections where everyone gets a chance to vote independently,” Truskett said. “I want to make sure everything is as it should be.”

During the last four years there have been changes —from the purchase of more electronic voting machines to changes in where precincts and townships vote.

And there are more changes coming.

“We are required to purchase ADA compliant voting booths for every polling place,” Truskett said. “We have been working on that, and we have combined some locations to make it more convenient for people and for them to have a better polling place.”

The clerk also maintains a record of county commission meetings and public notices for those meetings, and maintains the county tax rolls.

“And I serve the public, getting them the things they need,” Truskett said. “Even though this is an elected office, I am not a politician — at all. I’m a representative of the people, and that is what I want to be.”