Opinions from our readers

Question: It's open forum week. What's on your mind?

•; We changed the laws to allow liquor to be sold every day of the week. We changed the laws to allow private citizens to carry a gun. We changed the laws to not allow smoking in public places. I can choose where to dine, but I don't know who may be next to me driving drunk or carrying a gun. What are the statistics of how many die from a drunk driver, or a gunshot, or from secondhand smoke? Are our priorities in line?

• Newton could generate some revenue by sending someone out every Monday morning to gather all the yard sale signs around town and mail out a littering ticket to each one. Use this money to beautify Newton. It is frustrating to hunt down an address only to discover the sale was last weekend or before.

• I want to know if my appraisal keeps going up so much on my house, is it because of the houses selling in Newton? Why are there so many foreclosures? Houses selling at the courthouse? When I walk I see several houses that are in foreclosure.

• I would like the city of Newton to institute a clean-up day like North Newton is doing. I think it would build a lot of goodwill among the city residents and help our community to look a lot nicer, too.

• Before your readers call a home fix-it business they should ask the price of their parts. I had them replace a manual thermostat on my furnace and was charged $113.40 for the part. I could have bought the same thermostat over the Internet for $33.95. I have no problem paying the service charge, but the part price mark up was a rip off.

• I believe something exciting is happening in Washington, D.C. I believe many honest politicians are tired of the dirty tricks that are being played and are beginning to defect to the Obama camp. Kansas Democrats have already shown they want a "change" in politics. We need to let our local Democratic leaders, as well as the Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003, know we will support politicians who really want to govern honestly and will vote out the ones who use "dirty tricks" to keep the honest voices quiet.

• It's really sad to see perfectly healthy trees along the Sand Creek path, on private property, have been slashed by persons unknown. It's hard to understand how anyone can have such an attitude.