The Wichita State Shocker women’s golf team dropped 11 strokes in the final round of play at the Missouri Valley Conference Preview Tournament, but won the team playoff hole to win the tournament Tuesday at Sand Creek Station.

The Shockers had a team score of 309 on the final round of play for a three-round total of 907. Northern Iowa, which started the day 11 strokes back, had a third-round team score of 298 to tie for the title.

Wichita State won the playoff hole led by a birdie from Michelle Lederman. Ties for first place in college golf tournaments are broken by all five golfers from each team competing in the playoff hole with the best score winning.

Southern Illinois and Missouri State tied for third at 921. Bradley and Indiana State tied for fifth at 924. Loyola-Chicago was seventh at 931, followed by Illinois State at 938, Drake at 947, Valparaiso at 973 and Evansville at 1,014.

It was the Shockers’ first title of the season.

Buhler High School grad Taryn Torgerson, a senior for the Shockers, claimed top medalist honors with a two-over par 218. Torgerson shot a three-over 75 in the final round.

It was her fourth top-10 finish this season, her first win this season and fourth of her career.

Kiley Walsh of Illinois State, Rachel Johnson of Missouri State and Sophie Benetti of Indiana State all tied for second at 224. Hanna Netisingha of Southern Illinois took fifth at 225.

Walsh shot an even-par 72 for Tuesday’s low round, moving up 11 spots on the final day.

Wichita State ends its fall season and resumes play in February. The Shockers will play in the American Athletic Conference this spring.

The Missouri Valley Conference members will return to Sand Creek Station April 15 through 17 for the MVC Championships.

Missouri Valley Conference

Preview Tournament


Sand Creek Station

Par 72

Team scores

T1. Wichita State 304—294-309—907 (won playoff)

T1. Northern Iowa 313—296—298—907

T3. Southern Illinois 301-309-311—921

T3. Missouri State 312-303-306—921

T5. Bradley 307 308-309—924

T5. Indiana State 306-301-317—924

7. Loyola-Chicago 313-311-307—931

8. Illinois State 318-306-314—938

9. Drake 321-314-312—947

10. Valparaiso 326-323-324—973

11. Evansville 337-336-341—1,014


i-non team scoring player

1. Taryn Torgerson WSU 73-70-75—218

T2. Kiley Walsh Ill.St. 80-72-72—224

T2. Rachel Johnson MSU 77-70-77—224

T2. Sophie Benetti Ind.St. 76-72-76—224

5. Hanna Netisingha SIU 71-75-79—225

T6. Verena Gimmy MSU 80-70-76—226

T6. Sarah McMichael NIU 75-75-76—226

T8. Paige VanDyk NIU 79-73-75—227

T8. Laine Evans WSU 75-72-80—227

T8. Emily Snelling NIU 78-75-74—227

11. Elayna Bowser L-C 74-76-78—228

T12. Erica Kerr-i SIU 77-72-80—229

T12. Maddie Bertsch-i NIU 71-83-75—229

14. Gavrilla Arya WSU 76-76-78—230

T15. Robyn Blanchard Ind.St. 74-74-83—231

T15. Ally Scaccia Brd. 74-76-81—231

T15. Alice Ho SIU 74-75-82—231

T18. Jessie Staed L-C 80-77-75—232

T18. Frankie Saban Brd. 80-77-75—232

T20. Taylor Ledwein Brd. 76-78-79—233

T20. Grace Dunn Drk. 79-78-76—233

T20. Sierra Hargens Ind.St. 77-78-78—233

T20. Moyea Russell SIU 75-82-76—233

T20. Sigurlaug Run Jonsdottir Drk. 81-76-76—233

T25. Sabrina Hoskins L-C 83-75-76—234

T25. Chloe Horton Brd. 77-77-80—234

27. Abbi Shaddix WSU 80-76-79—235

T28. Thilda Staubo Ind.St. 79-77-80—236

T28. Ashley Childers MSU 79-82-75—236

T28. Caitlin Sims Ill.St. 81-78-77—236

T28. Michelle Ledermann WSU 82-77-77—236

T32. Tatum King Ill.St. 79-76-82—237

T32. Morgan Brown L-C 76-83-78—237

T32. Lilian Klekner-Alt SIU 81-82-74—237

T32. Taylor BeDell-i WSU 77-81-79—237

T36. Brooke Thompson Brd. 83-80-75—238

T36. Page Seiser-i Ill.St. 81-80-77—238

38. Niamh Lendrum-i MSU 74-81-84—239

T39. Sydney Eaton NIU 81-86-73—240

T39. Alex Jennings-i Ind.St. 78-80-82—240

41. Madison Glennie Drk. 82-80-79—241

T42. Tiffany Curtis Valpo. 78-84-80—242

T42. Maddie Hawkins-i Brd. 83-79-80—242

T44. Emilyee McGiles SIU 82-77-84—243

T44. Madison Mccreary Valpo. 80-77-86—243

T44. Hannah Bermel NIU 85-73-85—243

T44. Dawn Turner-i Ind.St. 79-83-81—243

T48. Abby Luchtenburg Ill.St. 78-83-83—244

T48. Leia Atas-i Ill.St. 82-80-82—244

T50. Katie Willenbrink Valpo. 82-79-84—245

T50. Giulia Mallmann Evansville-82-78-85—245

T50. Hailey Bermel-i NIU 82-81-82—245

T53. Sam Paulak Drk. 79-86-81—246

T53. Anne Gradoville-i NIU 82-82-82—246

T55. Morgan Savage Ill.St. 85-80-83—248

T55. Abigail Irwin Ind.St. 79-83-86—248

57. Brooke Miller-i Drk. 82-80-87—249

58. Kylie Shoemake Valpo. 86-84-80—250

59. Sophia Rohleder Evansville-83-81-87—251

60. Kayla Krueger Valpo. 90-83-80—253

61. Aimee Gerschke Drk. 91-80-83—254

62. Minka Gill Evansville-86-87-83—256

63. Maria Jose Rojas-i Ill.St. 89-80-90—259

T64. Madison Chaney Evansville-86-90-86—262

T64. Abbey Meyers L-C 88-87-87—262

66. Ryan Pate MSU 90-81-92—263

67. Abby Wellens-i Brd. 85-94-91—270

68. Stine Pettersen MSU 76 W-78-NA

69. Lexie Sollman Evansville WD