COUNCIL GROVE — The Hesston High School volleyball team swept play Saturday at the Council Grove Invitational.

Hesston finished 5-0 in the tournament.

This was our second year attending the Council Grove tournament, and it is a great opportunity to see new teams and teams with strong programs and traditions,” Hesston coach Jason Peters said. “All of the teams

at the tournament are in 4A Division I or II, with the exception of Hesston and Council Grove, which are 3A.”

Hesston opened pool play by stopping Jefferson West 25-8, 25-19.

“We started the morning playing Jefferson West, who was a state qualifier last year,” Peters said. “We started the first set strong, jumping out to an early lead and holding them to only one point on their serve. In the second set, we started slow and struggled with our passing, but went on a couple of runs in the middle of the set to pull away.”

Hesston then downed Wamego 25-19, 25-22.

“Wamego is a talented team that is very scrappy and has several strong hitters,” Peters said. “We scored only one point on our first six servers and fell behind 13-7 and 15-11 as we were slow to move to the ball and did not pass well. We then stepped up our defense and went on a 10-0 run to lead 21-15 and were able to finish out the set. In the second set, we fell behind 14-18, and were still behind 17-21 before we went on a 8-1 run to finish out the match. We had some

great defensive digs and blocks to get us back in the match in both sets, and made huge progress by being able to come from behind to finish out a set, which we haven’t been able to do well so far this season.”

Hesston closed out pool play with a 25-14, 25-22 win over Clearwater.

“The Clearwater match was our third match in a row, and we were very tired at that point,” Peters said. “We made four errors and sent over several overpasses to fall behind 0-6 at the start, but were able to come back and refocus. We fell behind again in the second set, but made a late run to win the match and get a chance for a break.

In the semifinals, Hesston downed Abilene 25-7, 25-18.

“In the semifinals, we faced an Abilene team that was ranked fifth in Class 4A, Division I last week and had beaten us in the finals of this tournament last year,” Peters said. “They had to shuffle their normal lineup a bit for the tournament, but had been playing well up to that point. We came back from our lunch break energized and jumped out to an early lead in the first set, never allowing them to score a single point on their serve. We had to work a little harder in the second set, but were able to continue to attack at a high percentage and pull ahead midway through to advance to the championship.”

In the finals, Hesston topped Santa Fe Trail 25-10, 25-14.

“Santa Fe Trail advanced to the championship after a close, three-set semifinal with Wamego, so had had an advantage in that we had a bit more of a break after winning our semifinal in two,” Peters said. “They were ranked seventh in 4A Division II last week, and have two strong outside hitters who are also their setters. We passed well, served aggressively to keep them out of system, and had a hitting efficiency of .511 to stay in control for the entire match to win the tournament title.”

Kailey Jo Ince was named the outstanding player of the tournament for the second straight year.

“Overall, this was a great tournament for us to see good competition and force us to play at a higher level, which we did throughout the day,” Peters said. “It has been a busy week, but we will have an equally tough one coming up, with matches Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. We have made good progress this week and will hopefully be able to improve on our consistency and get to where we need to be for the post-season in two weeks.”

Hesston plays Tuesday at Halstead with Haven to close out Central Kansas League play.

Hesston stats

vs. Jefferson West

Kills: Kailey Jo Ince 10, Mia Loganbill 8, Rylie Schilling 6, Talby Duerksen 4, Alaina Dunlavy 2, Jada Mininger 1.

Assists: Dunlavy 24, Ince 2, Elise Kaiser 1.

Aces: Duerksen 2, Dunlavy 2, Schilling 1, Loganbill 1.

Blocks: Schilling 2, Mininger 2, Dunlavy 1, Duerksen 1.

Digs: Kaiser 7, Ince 5, Duerksen 4, Dunlavy 4, Loganbill 3, Schillling 1.

vs. Wamego

Kills: Ince 15, Duerksen 6, Loganbill 5, Dunlavy 3, Mininger 1.

Assists: Dunlavy 24, Kaiser 2, Loganbill 1, Ince 1.

Aces: Dunlavy 2, Duerksen 1, Loganbill 1.

Blocks: Schilling 2, Mininger 2, Duerksen 1, Loganbill 1, Dunlavy 1, Ince 1.

Digs: Kaiser 7, Ince 6, Dunlavy 4, Loganbill 4, Schilling 3, Duerksen 1, Mininger 1.

vs. Clearwater

Kills: Ince 12, Loganbill 6, Duerksen 3, Schilling 3, Dunlavy 3, Mininger 2.

Assists: Dunlavy 23, Loganbill 2, Micheala Vogt 1.

Aces: Schilling 2, Duerksen 1, Kaiser 1, Loganbill 1.

Blocks: Duerksen 3, Dunlavy 1, Ince 1, Mininger 1.

Digs: Ince 11, Loganbill 9, Kaiser 5, Schilling 2, Dunlavy 2, Vogt 2.

vs. Abilene

Kills: Ince 11, Loganbill 7, Duerksen 6, Schilling 4, Dunlavy 3, Mininger 2, Kaiser 1.

Assists: Dunlavy 25, Duerksen 3, Kaiser 2, Ince 1, Mininger 1.

Aces: Kaiser 2, Dunlavy 1.

Blocks: Duerksen 3, Schilling 2, Loganbill 2, Mininger 2.

Digs: Kaiser 8, Ince 7, Dunlavy 6, Loganbill 6, Duerksen 4, Schilling 3, Vogt 1.

vs. Santa Fe Trail

Kills: Ince 10, Loganbill 5, Schilling 4, Mininger 4, Duerksen 3, Dunlavy 3.

Assists: Dunlavy 21, Ince 4, Schilling 2, Kaiser 1, Loganbill 1.

Aces: Loganbill 2, Kaiser 1, Duerksen 1, Schilling 1, Ince 1.

Blocks: Dunlavy 2, Duerksen 1, Schilling 1, Ince 1.

Digs: Loganbill 6, Dunlavy 4, Kaiser 3, Ince 2, Vogt 1, Mininger 1, Duerksen 1.