Central Kansas League

Hesston 30, Kingman 14

KINGMAN — Parker Roth rushed for 142 yards on 15 carries with three touchdowns to lift the Hesston Swathers to a 30-14 win over Kingman Friday in Central Kansas League play in Kingman.

Hesston led 21-7 at the half and held off the Eagles in the second half.

Cameron Cox hit seven of 14 passes for Hesston for 59 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Cox added 101 yards rushing. Reece Nebel had three catches for 34 yards and a touchdown. Cox picked off a pass on defense. Jorge Morales hit a 30-yard field goal to cap off the scoring.

For Kingman, William Milford had 17 carries for 85 yards and a touchdown. Riley Krehbiel hit one of seven passes for 31 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Milford caught the pass.

Hesston improves to 3-3, 3-2 in CKL play. Kingman drops to 3-3, 2-3 in league play.

Hesston opens Class 3A district play Friday at Hillsboro.




1q. H Roth 80-yd. run (Morales kick) 11:46

2q. H Roth 8-yd. run (Morales kick) 9:48

2q. H Roth 1-yd. run (Morales kick) 5:54

2q. K Milford 31-yd. pass from Krehbiel (Franco kick) 1:45

3q. K Milford 29-yd. run (Franco kick) 4:23

4q. H Nebel 24-yd. pass from Cox (kick failed) 6:37

4q. H Morales 30-yd. field goal 2:37

Team stats


First downs;17;11


Passing yards;59;36





Time of poss.;23:20;24:26

Individual stats

RUSHING — Hesston: Roth 15-142, Cox 31-101, Nebel 2-9. Kingman: Milford 17-85, Molitor 5-24, Waldschmidt 5-1, Pickering 1-0, Krehniel 12-(4), Ontiveros 1-(-8).

PASSING — Hesston: Cox 7-14-1, 59 yards. Kingman: Krehbiel 1-7-1, 31 yards; Waldschmidt 1-2-0, 5 yards; Ontiveros 0-1-0, 0 yards.

RECEIVING — Hesston: Nebel 3-34, Toews 2-13, Roth 1-6, Spencer 1-6. Kingman: Milford 2-36.

Missed field goals — none.


Class 2-1A, District 5

Moundridge 44, Inman 8

MOUNDRIDGE — The Moundridge Wildcats won for the second straight week, beating rival Inman 44-8 Friday in Class 2-1A district and HOAL play in Moundridge.

Jerod Kaufman rushed for 288 yards on 20 carries for the Wildcats, scoring two touchdowns.

Daniel Kaufman rushed for 45 yards and two touchdowns. Damion Calderon and Cody Hazelton each rushed for a touchdown.

Mason Dyck hit five of seven passes for 115 yards. Dyck added 79 yards rushing. Calderon had 62 yards receiving on two catches. Noah Eichelberger caught two passes for 55 yards.

Moundridge trailed 8-6 after the first quarter, but broke open for 24 points in the second quarter and added two touchdowns in the second half.

Inman’s Payton Froese hit 12 of 21 passes for 208 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Connor Brown had two catches for the Teutons for 102 yards and a score. Inman was held to 80 yards rushing.

The Teutons fall to 0-6, 0-2 in district play. Moundridge is 2-4, 2-0 in district play, and plays Friday at Sedgwick.




1q. M J.Kaufman 55-yd. run (kick failed) 11:10

1q. I Brown 85-yd. pass from Froese (Doerksen pass from Froese) 2:40

2q. M Calderon 5-yd. run (Calderon run) 11:54

2q. M D.Kaufman 12-yd. run (Eichelberger pass from Dyck) 9:00

2q. M Hazelton 4-yd. run (Hazelton run) 3:15

3q. M D.Kaufman 25-yd. run (Calderon run) 3:25

4q. M J.Kaufman 87-yd. run (pass failed) 10:00

Team stats


First downs;12;22


Passing yards;208;115





Time of poss.;24:49;22:21

Individual stats

RUSHING — Inman: Shober 11-37, Froese 16-36, Brown 2-7. Moundridge: J.Kaufman 20-288, Dyck 6-79, D.Kaufman 5-45, Calderon 5-34, Hazleton 1-4.

PASSING — Inman: Froese 12-21-1, 208 yards. Moundridge: Dyck 5-7-0, 115 yards.

RECEIVING — Inman: Brown 2-102, Doerksen 6-67, #10 3-40, Shober 1-(-1). Moundridge: Calderon 2-62, Eichelberger 2-55, J.Kaufman 1-(-2).

Missed field goals — none.

Sedgwick 58, Med.Lodge 7

MEDICINE LODGE — The Sedgwick Cardinals opened district play with a 58-7 win over Medicine Lodge Friday in Medicine Lodge.

Scoring and stats were not reported at deadline.

Medicine Lodge drops to 2-4, 1-1 in district play. Sedgwick is 2-4, 1-0 in district play. Sedgwick hosts Moundridge Friday.


Meade 36, Remington 14

MEADE — The Remington Broncos fell to Meade 36-14 Friday on the road in non-league, non-district play.

Remington trailed 20-0 at the half.

Lander Martin led Meade with 16 carries for 177 yards and a touchdown. Tristan Haynes added 31 carries for 138 yards and two touchdowns. Devon Waters had 13 rushes for 66 yards and two scores. Haynes added 15 yards passing.

Kyle Thiessen hit 11 of 25 passes for Remington for 184 yards and two touchdowns. Hunter Knowles had five catches for 109 yards and both touchdowns. Weston Sommers had seven carries for 78 yards.

Meade improves to 3-3. Remington falls to 0-5 and resumes district play Friday at Inman.




1q. M Waters 7-yd. run (kick failed) 7:16

1q. M Martin 47-yd. run (Saucedo pass from Haynes) 1:18

2q. M Haynes 9-yd. run (pass failed) 9:55

3q. M Waters 11-yd. run (Haynes run) 4:43

3q. R Knowles 15-yd. pass from Thiessen (Gonzales kick) 11:03

4q. R Knowles 82-yd. pass from Thiessen (Gonzales kick) 11:03

4q. M Haynes 3-yd. run (Haynes run) 1:15

Team stats


First downs;5;22


Passing yards;184;15





Time of poss.;21:22;26:38

Individual stats

RUSHING — Remington: Sommers 7-78, Wedel 7-21, Thiessen 10-7, Knowles 1-2, Saunders 1-2, Martinez 2-(-5), Gonzales 1-(-13). Meade: Martin 16-177, 31-138, Waters 13-66, Miller 1-0.

PASSING — Remington: Thiessen 11-25-0, 184 yards; Wedel 0-1-0, 0 yards. Meade: Haynes 3-7-0, 15 yards.

RECEIVING — Remington: Knowles 5-109, Wedel 1-26, Martinez 3-25, Saunders 1-17, Sommers 1-7. Meade: Waters 2-14, Saucedo 1-1.

Missed field goals — none.

Eight-Man I, District 2

Oxford 52, P-Burns 6

OXFORD — The Peabody-Burns Warriors suffered a setback in district play, falling to Oxford 52-6 Friday in Oxford.

The game was called at the half on the 45-point rule.

Oxford individual stats were not reported.

Oxford scored twice in the final minute of the first half to put the game away.

For Peabody-Burns, Jess Philpott hit two of 14 passes for 44 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. Andrew Hauck caught the 25-yard touchdown pass. The Warriors were held to 39 yards total offense in the game, -13 yards rushing.

Oxford improves to 3-3, 1-1 in district play. Peabody-Burns falls to 2-4, 1-1 in district play. The Warriors host Udall Friday.




1q. O 11-yd. run (run good) 8:21

1q. O 21-yd. run (run good) 5:34

1q. P Hauck 25-yd. pass from Young (pass failed) 4:21

1q. O 62-yd. run (run failed) 3:34

2q. O 24-yd. pass (pass good) 9:59

2q. O 34-yd. run (pass good) 4:17

2q. O 8-yd. run (pass failed) :39

2q. O 8-yd. run (run good) :07

Team stats


First downs;3;16


Passing yards;44;26





Individual stats

RUSHING — Peabody-Burns: Young 2-14-2, 44 yards.

PASSING — Peabody-Burns: Philpott 6-6, Young 6-(-19).

RECEIVING — Peabody-Burns: Hauck 1-25, Weerts 1-19.

Missed field goals — none.

Eight-Man II, District 2

So.Haven 48, Burrton 32

SOUTH HAVEN — The South Haven Cardinals held off the Burrton Chargers 48-32 Friday in Eight-Man II district play at South Haven.

The Chargers trailed 20-6 at the half, but drew within eight after three quarters.

South Haven’s Chris Arreguin had 34 rushes for 200 yards and three touchdowns. Cooper Wolf hit seven of 14 passes for 125 yards and three touchdowns. Rustin Blaylaock had five catches for 106 yards and three touchdowns.

Burrton’s Michael Rimbey rushed for 133 yards on 11 carries with two touchdowns. Rimbey also hit four of 11 passes for 42 yards and a touchdown. Bradley Cooprider had three catches for 35 yards and three touchdowns. Bryce Meacham threw two touchdown passes.

Burrton falls to 1-5, 0-2 in district play. South Haven improves to 2-4, 1-1 in district play. Burrton hosts Norwich Friday.




2q. SH Theuer 2-yd. run (run failed) 9:06

2q. B Cooprider 10-yd. pass from Rimbey (run failed) 7:46

2q. SH Blaylock 25-yd. pass from Wolf (Cooke run) 4:00

2q. SH Arreguin 38-yd. run (run failed) :00

3q. B safety 11:10

3q. B Rimbey 28-yd. run (run failed) 6:24

3q. SH Blaylock 11-yd. pass from Wolf (Meyer pass from Wolf) 1:39

3q. B Rimbey 18-yd. run (run failed) :40

4q. SH Blaylock 24-yd. pass from Wolf (run failed) 11:53

4q. B Cooprider 20-yd. pass from Meacham (pass failed) 10:25

4q. SH Arreguin 2-yd. run (Cooke run) 5:24

4q. B Cooprider pass from Meacham (run failed) 3:27

4q. SH Arreguin 24-yd. run (run failed) 2:19

Team stats


First downs;20;22


Passing yards;67;125





Time of poss.;23:40;23:30

Individual stats

RUSHING — Burrton: Rimbey 11-133, Meacham 13-126, Boyle 13-22, Barron 2-16, #0 1-0, Canada 1-(-3), Hughes 1-(-4). South Haven: Aarreguin 34-200, Blaylock 3-37, Wolf 4-8, Theuer 3-6, Cooke 1-0, #0 2-(-1).

PASSING — Burrton: Rimbey 4-11-1, 42 yards; Meacham 2-5-0, 25 yards; Hughes 0-1-0, 0 yards; #0 0-1-0, 0 yards. South Haven: Wolf 7-14-1, 125 yards.

RECEIVING — Burrton: Cooprider 3-35, Meacham 2-19, Barron 1-13. South Haven: Blaylock 5-106, Meyer 1-13, Theurer 1-6.

Missed field goals — none.