The Newton High School gymnastics team had several gymnasts making their high school debut Thursday in a 96.025-86.3 win over Emporia in a dual meet at Ravenscroft Gym.

“It went real well,” Newton coach JoAnne Thaw said. “We scored a lot higher than I though we would, but we still have a lot of work to do. We know what we need to do. We need to get our routines together for the meets. When I saw how many Emporia was going to bring, I thought, ‘Oh, no,’ but we had a lot of quality over quantity.”

Newton had five gymnasts compete to 11 for the Spartans.

Veteran state medalist Kaylee Anderson did win all four apparatus to win the all-around title. Anderson won the vault at 8.85, the balance beam at 8.7, the uneven parallel bars at 8.125 and the floor exercises at 8.55 for an all-around score of 34.225.

“That was definitely better than I expected it to be and it can only go up from here,” Anderson said. “(Winning all four events) was crazy. I wasn’t expecting that. Kailey (Naysmith) and Carlye (Anderson) graduating last year puts some pressure on me. I’d like us to make state as a team and just do as well as we can.”

Toria Thaw, the coach’s granddaughter, placed second in all-around in her debut. She took second on vault at 8.6, second on bars at 7.050, second on beam at 7.9 and fifth on floor at 8.0 for a 31.55 all-around.

Becca Meyer took third in all-around at 30.25. Meyer was fifth on vault at 8.3, third on bars at 6.55, fourth on beam at 7.05 and third on floor at 8.35.

“We put out a lot of effort and everybody improved from the mock meet we had yesterday,” JoAnne Thaw said. “Trista (Stark) is a senior, and this is her first meet. She did really good. I know she was nervous. Allie, it was her first meet. They had good movement. Carlye did a lot of work in choreography, and that will help us out. Jack (Thaw) is still our muscle.”

Newton is off until Sept. 16, when the Railers compete in the Lawrence Free State Invitational. Newton then competes in five meets in 14 days.

“We get some time to work on some things,” JoAnne Thaw said. “Then we don’t have a lot of time.”

Newton 96.025, Emporia 86.3

All-around – 1. Kaylee Anderson M 34.225, 2. Toria Thaw N 31.55, 3. Becca Meyer N 30.25, 4. Haylee Weiss 29.85, 5. Alyssa Cox E 28.625.

Vault — 1. Anderson N 8.85, 2. Thaw N 8.6, Weiss E 8.6, 4. Cox E 8.5, 5. Meyer N 8.3, Hannah Tovar E 8.3. Allie Casey N 7.35.

Uneven parallel bars — 1. Anderson N 8.125, 2. Thaw N 7.05, 3. Meyer N 6.55, 4. Weiss E 5.65, 5. Cox E 5.5.

Balance beam — 1. Anderson N 8.7, 2. Thaw 7.9, 3. Weiss E 7.2, 4. Meyer N 7.05, 5. Riley Johnson E 6.95. Trista Stark N 6.1.

Floor exercises - 1. Anderson N 8.55, 2. Weiss E 8.4, 3. Meyer N 8.35, 4. Cox E 8.05, 5. Thaw N 8.0. Casey N 7.275.