HILLSBORO — The Hesston High School girls’ tennis team won its second straight tourney, winning every match Tuesday at the Hillsboro Invitational.

Hesston topped Wichita Collegiate 50-40 for the team title. Pratt was third at 25, followed by Hillsboro at 12, Nickerson at 10 and Haven at 2.

At first singles, Halle Krehbiel finished 3-0 for first place. At second singles, Mackenzie Unruh finished 3-0 to take first place.

At first doubles, Ashley Hubbard and Makaiya Russsell finished 3-0 to take first place. At second doubles, Kylie Martin and Michaela Martin finished 3-0 to take first place.

Hesston’s doubles teams improved to 6-0 for the season.

All of Hesston’s championship matches were wins over Wichita Collegiate opponents.

Hesston plays Thursday at the Maize Invitational.

Hillsboro Inv.


Team scores — Hesston 50, Wichita Collegiate 40, Pratt 25, Hillsboro 12, Nickerson 10, Haven 2.

x-indicates a non-scoring entry.

First singles

Pool A – Krehbiel He. def. Hirsh Ni. 8-1, Hirsh Ni. def. Weisbeck Hi. 8-7 (7-2), Krehbiel He. def. Weisbeck Hi. 8-0.

Pool B — Yoakum WC def. McClain Pr. 8-5, Yoakum WC def. Chase Ha. 8-0, McClain Pr. def. Chase Ha. 8-0.

Medal matches — Championship: Krehbiel He. def. Yoakum WC 8-2. Third: McClain Pr. def. Hisch Ni. 8-5. Fifth: Weisbeck Hi. def. Chase Ha. 8-5.

Second singles

Pool A — Brown Ni. def. Ca.Bernhardt Hi. 8-4, Unruh He. def. Ca.Bernhardt Hi. 8-0, Unruh He. def. Brown Ni. 8-0.

Pool B — Mairs WC def. Jury Hi.-x 8-0, Jackson Pr. def. Jury Hi.-x 8-2, Mairs WC def. Jackson Pr. 8-0.

Medal matches — Championship: Unruh He. def. Mairs WC 8-6. Third: Jackson Pr. def. Brown Ni. 8-3. Fifth: Jury Hi.-x def. Ca.Bernhardt Hi. 8-6.

First doubles

Pool A — Hubbard-Russell He. def. Ch.Bernhardt-Isaac Hi. 8-1, Hubbard-Russell He. def. Ashbrook-Glass WC-x 8-4, Ashbrook-Glass WC-x def. Ch.Bernhardt-Isaac Hi. 8-3.

Pool B — Hewatt-Hampton Pr. def. Kauffman-Pound Ha. 8-3, Murphy-White WC def. Hewatt-Hampton Pr. 8-2, Murphy-White WC def. Kauffman-Pound Ha. 8-0.

Medal matches — Championship: Hubbard-Russell He. def. Murphy-White WC 8-6. Third: Ashbrook-Glass WC-x def. Hewatt-Hamption Pr. 8-2. Fifth: Ch.Bernhardt-Isaac Hi. def. Kauffman-Pound Ha. 8-5.

Second doubles

Pool A — K.Martin-M.Martin def. Hubbs-Rosenberg Ni. 8-0, Gunn-Funk Hi. def. Hubbs-Rosenberg Ni. 8-3, K.Martin-M.Martin He. def. Gunn-Funk Hi. 8-0.

Pool B — Ewy-Zakharia WC def. Leckner-Stegman Pr. 8-1, Ewy-Zakharia WC def. Yoder-Green Ha. 8-0, Leckner-Stegman Pr. def. Yoder-Green Ha. 8-7 (7-4).

Medal matches — Championship: K.Martin-M.Martin He. def. Ewy-Zakharia WC 8-4. Third: Gunn-Funk Hi. def. Leckner-Stegman Pr. 8-7 (7-2). Fifth: Yoder-Green Ha. def. Hubbs-Rosenberg Ni. 8-1.