Below is the schedule for the Newton High School and middle schools Fall Sports Fest, which begins Friday:

5 p.m. High School Volleyball Scrimmage, Willis Gym

6 p.m. Seventh- and Eighth-grade Football Scrimmage, Fischer Field

6:30 p.m. Seventh- and Eighth-grade Volleyball Scrimmage, Chisholm MS

7:15 p.m. Soccer Scrimmage, Fischer Field

8 p.m. Performances & Introductions, Fischer Field:

1. Band Plays - National Anthem & Alma Mater

2. Introduction of High School Football

3. Introduction of High School Volleyball

4. Introduction of Middle School Volleyball

5. Introduction of Gymnastics

6. Introduction of High School & MS Girls Tennis

7. Railiners Performance and Introduction

8. Introduction of High School & MS Cross Country

9. Introduction of Girls Golf

10. Introduction of Boys’ Soccer

11. Cheerleaders Performance and Introduction

12. Band Performance

8:30 p.m. High School Football Scrimmage, Fischer Field