GOESSEL — The 13th annual Pine Edge Golf Course putting championships was held recently with 37 participants.

Rusty Glock of El Dorado won the contest with a 25-foot putt, winning a prize of $200.

Karl Brubacher finished second, followed by Lucas Hiebert in third, John Kingsley in fourth, Ray Brundige in fifth, Anthony Jenkins in sixth, Justin Coup in seventh and Ky Krehbiel in eighth.

Sponsors included Williams Mid-Continent Frac & Storage, Vogt-Parga Construction, Kaufman Trenching, West Branch Excavating, Funk Electric and Creative Wood.

A two-player scramble followed the putting contest.

Ray Brundige and Bart Patterson won the scramble, followed by Avery Anderson and Tanner Pauls in second and Chet Roberts and Lefoy Koehn in third.