It's become obvious that the Ctrl-Left Democrats consider 18- to 21-year-olds to be "children" and wants to treat them as such.

If we're going to treat ALL 18- to 21-year-olds as "children," then by all means take it all the way.

Until you're 21, maybe even 26 if we're going to use ObamaCare as the standard, you will not be "permitted by the government" to do any of the following:

No purchasing firearms.

No possession of firearms.

No purchasing or possession of electronic mobile devices capable of texting.

No voting.

No paying taxes.

No being held accountable as an adult.

No drinking.

No drugging.

No tobacco use.

No legal smoking of dope in those states that allow it.

No driving license.

No jury duty

No registering for selective service.

No serving in the military.

After all, if the Ctrl-Left Democrats are going to treat you like a child, then let's treat you like a child on a consistent basis.

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead.