MOUNDRIDGE — Bruce Regier lives in the Buhler school district and has a Moundridge address, but his farm — and artistic interest — sits squarely within the borders of Harvey County.

Regier started photographing Harvey County several years ago, and will share hundreds of his photos at "Scenic Harvey County," held at 7 p.m. Feb. 27 at Newton Public Library, 720 N. Oak.

A farmer by vocation, Regier was born on the farm he now works. The freedom of farming life always appealed to him.

"I get to plan my day and I'm not doing the same thing year round. It varies a lot throughout the seasons," Regier said.

The changing seasons, along with the plant and animal life, caught Regier's eye and he decided to capture them in unique ways with a camera.

"I basically just try to find some interesting way to take a picture of ordinary things," Regier said.

Many of his pictures are taken from points all over his farm.

"The sunsets are easy for me because I can step outside and have a good view," Regier said.

After practicing for several years, Regier invested in what he calls a "real" camera.

"I do use old film lenses on the digital camera," Regier said.

Using trial and error, Regier kept honing his skills, seeking to shed new light on what was, for him, familiar scenery.

"You end up with a lot of (pictures) that aren't very good to get a few that are," Regier said.

Regier branched out from his farm and travels around Harvey County in search of other interesting places to photograph.

"There are some unique things in the county," Regier said. "When I go to town, I take the back roads and see what I come up to."

Some of his favorite places to take pictures include Dyck Arboretum, Harvey County West Park and the sand hills found in western Harvey County.

"You kind of have to choose to go there if you're going to explore them," Regier said.

One example of Regier's work can be seen in the Newton Chamber of Commerce 2018 calendar — December's photo of the piano in the Harvey County Historical Museum.

For "Scenic Harvey County," Regier will share more than 200 pictures he has taken.

"I'll have pictures of farm life, of pets and flowers, sunsets and sunrises," Regier said. "Those are things that are not unique to Harvey County, but they're part of the world."

For more information about "Scenic Harvey County," visit or call 316-283-2890.