You have to know what she looks like, and if you do, you can see Newton's Angela Becker on the cover of Time magazine this week.

She appears on the lower left corner of the cover under the headline of "The Avengers: First they Marched, Now They're Running."

"I don't think anything is going to beat the cover of Time magazine," Becker said. "Now I will just be serving with my fellow board members."

The cover story, by Time correspondent Charlotte Alter, highlights individuals and groups that make up the grass-roots movement of women running for office nationwide.

The magazine reached out to Becker for a photo — she had no idea it would be on the cover.

"When Time Magazine requests a picture, you send it," Becker said. "I had kind of forgotten about it. It was a couple of weeks ago now. I definitely did not believe it would be on the cover."

Becker ran for office the first time this year, winning a spot on the Newton USD 373 Board of Education.

Becker also was recently profiled by the national organization "Run For Something" with a feature story on their website. That was not as big of a shock as Time.

"That is an organization that works with millennials to run for office, and they endorsed my campaign. I had been working with them for some time," Becker said.