The Harvey County Commission met Tuesday to discuss several business items, including the following highlights:

1) Priorities outlined for the Kansas Association of Local Health Departments

Health Department Director Lynnette Redington spoke to the commission about the issues lined out by the KALHD to be addressed in 2018.

Within the KALHD, Redington noted the vision is to establish a system of local health departments that is committed to helping all Kansans achieve optimal health, protecting and promoting that through prevention, environmental protection, public regulations and policies, etc.

Many of the organization's priorities, Redington said, align with those of the Kansas Association of Counties and she noted the local department is very active in many of areas the KALHD is looking to address this year, including state support for local public health, Medicaid expansion, behavioral health services, elimination or reduction of sales tax on food, immunizations, clean air, clean water, expanded access to dental care and community fluoridation.

2) Lease agreement approved for the Harvey County fair grounds

Following review of the fairgrounds lease by the Newton City Commission, the agreement was brought back before the county commission on Tuesday.

Though it was noted no formal action had been taken by the city commission, there were no changes made to the agreement based on the amendments proposed by the county. Given that response, the county commission voted to approve the new lease agreement for the fairgrounds with the city of Newton.

3) Bid specifications for Road and Bridge vehicles reviewed

Road and Bridge Superintendent Jim Meier brought information to the commission on Tuesday regarding two dump trucks and snow plows that were being requested and already approved as part of the county's capital improvement plan. Meier noted the same information was going out with all bid requests so there are no questions of compatibility between the plows and the trucks.

Additionally, Meier noted there is an optional request for pricing on stainless steel beds for the dumps trucks given durability issues with standard beds — and Meier wanting to get more information on the feasibility of such specifications. Commissioners questioned if some of the specs would exclude any companies from bidding, but Meier noted they are generally the same as the spec sheets for dump trucks sent out in 2013 — with all companies providing bids at that time.

The commission approved the invitation to bidders to go out on behalf of Road and Bridge for the requested dump trucks and snow plows.