I read news articles about the resignation of Michigan's Democrat Congressman, Representative John Conyers. In my view, that man needed to resign. Conyers embodied suspicion at various levels: at age 88, he first was elected to Congress in 1964, the year after I was born. I'm a 54 year old man now and I believe nobody should serve in one political office for that long, regardless of whether it is Michigan or Kansas or anywhere.

The allegations that he groped or sexually harassed women only throws gasoline on the flames of mistrust he has engendered. Conyers at first maintained his innocence and belligerently vowed to fight on, until the accusations began to circulate as "credible" — then, Conyers suddenly chooses to "retire" and draw his sizable Congressional pension. Plus, he has the chutzpah to endorse his son, John Conyers III, to replace him in Congress.

This isn't the America of colonial days with only a small population. I could envision father and son John Adams and John Quincy Adams being elected President in colonial days, due to thousands of people being illiterate, few people acquainted with the workings of government; but this is the year 2017 — surely there is new blood and fresh faces in political science classrooms and among alumni of a myriad of universities, of people willing and capable of sitting in Conyers Congressional seat — and perhaps doing a better job than he did.

The sex scandals that have recently hit powerful men in business, broadcasting, journalism, Hollywood and other occupations is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm sure more will follow. To be fair, some females, such as school teachers, have preyed upon young boys in their classrooms and been convicted. Thanks to social media, we are just hearing about it more often.

However in Conyers' case, he lost his credibility to do his job. Due to his excessive tenure, he was the textbook case of a crooked career politician. In many ways, Conyers (and others) should forfeit government pensions if they commit moral turpitude while in office. To simply give them a golden parachute way to walk away with impunity is just egging-on more wrong-doers.

— James A Marples, Esbon