Growing up in Hutchinson with a single father and a younger sister I have been able to experience watching the Toy Run from when I was really young to currently 18. This was my first time participating in the Newton Toy Run. I love how in both communities, even all over the place people are able to get together in peace. This is a great cause to be a part of; helping those people who couldn’t do things for their families to have a Christmas like many of us can. I know it can be hard to be a part of a family that can’t always provide the needs and wants of everyone. I grew up a little like them so I can relate like that it wasn’t always easy. In the long run things do work out it’s amazing how many people do show up to help in any way they can. Giving one toy or many, big or small, no matter how many or the size some child out there is thankful. They are happy that they are getting something for the holidays even though it may not be a lot, but it means a lot to them. I support the cause because it’s doing something for other people not making us self centered and also not promoting violence. Some people see bikers as mean, bad or violent. In reality not all are they just want to make a difference in the world they do like helping out people in the community.


— Lesly VonFinckenstein, Hutchinson