At just after 1 p.m Nov. 6, a woman stuck her head in the County Clerk's office with a question — "Is early voting over?"

She had just missed her opporunity to cast an early ballot — the early polls at the courhouse closed at noon Monday. She was told to vote at her regular voting place today, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. She wasn't the only one who had missed it.

Even more had made use of the opportunity — more than 100 people in four hours on Monday — as more than 880 voters cast early ballots in the 2017 city/school elections. That left more than 20,000 registered voters for today's election.

Voters in Harvey County will be asked if the county commission should be allowed to sell Camp Hawk. Voters in the Newton USD 373 School District about a $61 million bond issue to renovated Newton High School, Walton Elementary and storm shelters district-wide. There will also be school district elections and city council and commsssion elections across the county.

Some races are already decided with only one candidate on the ballot for the race. However, the ballots across the county will have city and school board election s to go with a county wide referendum on if the county should be allowed to sell Camp Hawk. 

Races include:

City Offices 

Newton City — Three commission members (two - four -year terms, one – two-year term)  for positions currently held by Glen Davis, Leroy Koehn and Kathy Valentine. Candidates: Davis, Koehn, Valentine,  Ronald (Ron) Eggert, Libby Albers and Craig Simons.

North Newton City — Three council members (four-year terms) for positions currently held by Gregg Dick, Jim Goering and Jane Schmidt. Candidates include Dick, Goering, Dennis Campbell and Nathan Robert James Murphy.

Halstead City — Three council members (two - four-year terms, 1 – two-year term), one mayor (two-year term) for council positions currently held by Ed Campbell, Sam Farmer and Dennis Travis and mayor William H. Ewert. Mayoral candidates include Ewert,  Dennis Travis and Daniel C. Walker III. Council candidates include Campbell, Farmer and Michael S. Wallace.

Hesston City — Two council members (four-year terms) and one mayor (four-year term) for council positions currently held by Jason Jones and Brad Unruh and mayor David Kauffman. Candidates include Kauffman for mayor and council candidates Jones and Unruh.

Burrton City — Three council members (four-year terms) and one mayor (four-year term) for positions currently held by Chris Jensen, Troy Mueller and R. Chris Wilhite and mayor Rodney Redinger. Council candidates include Jensen, Jason Froese and Troy Mueller and mayor Redinger.

Sedgwick City — Two council Members (four-year terms) and one mayor (four-year term) for positions currently held by council members Carol Berning and Thomas Noone and mayor Lynne Vigil. Council candidates include Berning, Shannon D. Catlin, Dwight E. Kinzer, Jeremy Liby and John Pittinger. Bryan Champman is unopposed for mayor.

Walton City — Two council members (four-year terms) and one mayor (four-year term)  for positions currently held by council members Jeremy Ashby and Debbie Robinson and mayor Barry Wentz. Council candidates include Ashby and Robinson. Wentz is unopposed for mayor.


School District Offices

Newton USD 373 — Three board members (four-year term),  for seats currently held by Barbara Bunting, Renee Erickson and Dick Koontz. Candidates include: Angela Becker; Jennifer Budde; Andy Harder; Mallory Morton; David Oller; and Tobias “Toby” Tyner

Burrton USD 369 — Four board members (Three four-year term and one two year unexpired term), for positions currently held by Sara Durner, Karl Matlack and Derrick Unruh; and an unexpired term held by John Manuel Hernandez. Candidates inlcude: Matlack and Unruh.

Sedgwick USD 439 — Three board members (four-year term) for Positions 4, 5  and 6. Seats are currently held by: Position 4, Kelley DeGraffenrei;  Position 5, Bryan Thompson; and Position 6, Beth Fields. Each are running unopposed in this election.

Halstead USD 440 — Three board members (four-year terms) for Positions 4, 5 and 6. Seats are currently held by: Postion 4, Gene Haydock; Position 5, Cory Harrington and Postion 6, Kevin Wilson. Candidates inlude Erica Dennon and Joy Hoofer for Position 4; Kevin Wilson for Postion 5; and no candidates for Postion 6.

Hesston USD 460 — Three board members (four-year terms),  at large for positions held by members  Layne Frick, Susan Rostetter and Zach Weaver. All three are running for re-election as the only candidates on the ballot.