Support for Budde


This letter is in support of Jennifer Budde for USD 373 School Board. I first met Jennifer as a teacher of one of her children. Jennifer was an involved, supportive parent that was willing to do whatever needed to help her child succeed. She has continued to advocate for not only her own children, but all of the children in our district. She has taken an active role in education and when seeing that she could make a difference chose to run for a seat on the school board. She has attended school board meetings, community vision team meetings, forums and talked with countless community members in an effort to continue learning about the needs of our district.


As a parent, I appreciate Jennifer's willingness to listen to all sides of a issue, her desire to ensure the safety of all students and her support of the upcoming bond. I love that she puts her heart and passion into everything she does.


As a teacher, I appreciate that she wants to be an advocate for students and teachers. She understands the importance of the bond on our schools and recognizes that the time for improving and upgrading our schools is now. She is willing to take the time to learn the facts, gather information, listen and take action.


As both a teacher and parent, I endorse Jennifer for a seat on the 373 school board, as she will be a strong advocate for students, teachers and our community.

— Angela Black, Newton



Supporting Becker

What an invigorating time to be a teacher! In my short teaching career, various experiences have brought me to where I am today: supporting Angela Becker for Newton School Board. I have enjoyed learning about her through her campaign and I know that she is the right candidate to support our teachers, students, and community as a whole.

Angela Becker is the candidate for teachers because she listens. As is common in all districts, sometimes my colleagues and I feel like we’re shouting into the wind. It would be helpful to have more board members who were willing to listen to teachers, parents, and community members. As I walked door-to-door with Angela this summer, she listened to the concerns of the community with an open mind and a problem-solving attitude.

Angela Becker is the candidate for students because she will stand up for their rights. She stated to the teachers’ association that she sees her potential role on the board as an advocate for “protecting the equal rights of the children no matter their race, ethnicity, gender identity, or religion.” I trust Angela Becker to have the kind of unbiased view on the rights of our students that will guide them through the challenges they face in today’s public schools.

Yes, Angela Becker has the financial expertise to improve our budgets in the era of under-funded public education. But she’s also just good for teachers, students and the community.

— Kelsey Easterday, Newton



Supporting Becker

I am writing this letter in support of Angela Becker for Newton School Board. I am voting for Becker because:

• Becker is well educated with a master’s degree in Business Administration.

• Becker has extensive experience with budgets and cost reduction as she is a financial analyst. She will be a good steward of our tax dollars.

 • Becker is the only candidate who does not yet have children in our schools and therefore can remain unbiased.

• Becker earned the endorsement of our local chapter of the National Education Association. She has support from teachers, which speaks volumes to her qualifications.

Becker has been dedicated to her campaign; knocking on hundreds of doors, meeting with teachers and administration, going to school board meetings, participating in forums, attending training sessions and community events. She is committed to being the best school board member possible.

Please join me in voting for Becker for Newton School Board on November 7th. She is the most qualified candidate; we need people with common sense and strong management skills. She has a lot offer our community!


— Maggie Smet, Newton