Mother Nature has been extremely active in recent months. The U.S. and Mexico has been hit very hard with natural disasters. We have had several hurricanes and wildfires and Mexico had two severe earthquakes.

For us it started with Hurricane Harvey and the folks in the Houston area getting up to 50 inches of rain in one spot, with the average of 30 inches in most areas. Estimated damage was put at 180 Billion (the most of any disaster so far) affecting 13 million people and taking the lives of 82.

Results of the storm left 39,000 homes damaged, 12,700 destroyed and 37,000 people in shelters in two states with 738,000 families who registered with FEMA for help.

A week later Hurricane Irma hit Florida leaving 6.8 million without power for about 7- 9 days. It killed 38 in the Caribbean and another 42 in four south east states. A Month later 63% of residents on Antigua and Barbuda are still without power. Roughly 50,000 homes were damaged or destroyed on Barbuda which is half its population.

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the strongest in 80 years with 155 mph winds, leaving 95% of residents without power. All 3.1 million residents have been affected and most still have no power in the weeks since the storm. That island may never be the same as it was before the event.

And in recent days northern California has seen record breaking damage from wildfires. Latest numbers said 3,500 homes/structures destroyed, over 300 people missing and 31 killed. So far it’s burned over 78,300 acres

All this is pretty severe stuff if you ask me. The White House has given aid and relief money to all of the above totaling in the tens of billions. Has anyone ever asked where does that relief money come from? I’d guess it comes from you and me. If we thought finances were tight, just wait until the effect of all this natural disaster catches up to us.

If you haven’t heard there is a super volcano lying under Yellowstone National Park. Some scientists say it’s due to clear her throat. If that happens any time soon, we won’t have to worry about paying back the aid/relief money because Harvey County could be covered in up to three feet of ash.

This is where the saying, “Make the best of each day” really counts.

— Mark Rolland, Newton