Newton Police are trying to piece together the description of a gunman who tried to steal a car while one victim recovers in the hospital.

"It is vague,"  Lt. Craig Dunlavy told The Kansan Monday morning. "I wish we had more information."

Police are searching for a gunman after an attempted car theft that turned violent in Newton Sunday night.

At about 8:45 p.m. police were notified of a crime in the 400 block of Normandy Road. According to police, a homeowner witnessed someone trying to steal a vehicle and confronted the suspect. The suspect shot the property owner before fleeing on foot.

Dunlavy said the victim has given a brief description of the suspect — a white man in his 20s with facial hair, standing about 5 foot 9 inches tall.

"We are talking with other outlets," Dunlavy said. "We are gathering all the information we can."

The suspect is still at large.  Northridge Elementary School planned a lockdown for the entire day Monday.

The victim was transported for medical treatment. According to Newton Police, the victim underwent surgery and is in good condition. Police said the victim was only shot one time, however that led to wounds in both his arm and stomach.

"He is stable and still recovering," Dunlavy said. "He did not suffer any major organ damage."

Dunlavy said it could have been worse.

"This is almost a worst-case scenario," Dunlavy said. "You see someone messing with your stuff, it is the nature of some to go out and confront. You don't know what state of mind that person is in. Instead, call us. Let us do what we do, and be a good witness. This is a reminder to not go out and confront people."