In support of the bond

The Walton Rural Life Center has become a unique source of pride for a community, for its students, the staff and parents. It has become a school of choice and enrollment has steadily grown. If this current bond doesn’t pass, this unique school may cease to exist.  We want more project-based learning in our district, so let us learn and build on its success.

State money continues to shrink and competition for that money is fierce. Bond rates have been at their lowest rates in years, but they are on the rise. Building and associated costs increase 3 to 6 percent every year. No one likes higher taxes, but our schools have no other way to fund these very real needs. 

If you own a $100,000 home, the bond will cost you just over $8 per month, about the cost of one pizza. A small sacrifice to create and maintain schools that we can all be proud of, schools that draw new businesses and families, schools that keep our communities strong.

The time to build stronger storm shelters and safer entrances is now, not after a tragedy has occurred.  A lot has been invested in the bond process. The Board of Education, the Community Vision Team and various consultants have been developing this bond measure for over two years. No one takes such a public trust such as this lightly. Does everyone like every facet of it? No.  And it’s doubtful that any bond proposal could satisfy every invested person.  It is important to note that during the planning process, 75 percent of those surveyed in the community supported this current, proposed plan.

Several community meetings and tours are planned in the month of October, I encourage you to learn what the needs are and why the time is now. Please vote yes on the school bond in November.

— Michele Ediger, Walton