Supporting Koehn

I am writing this letter of support for Leroy Koehn for City Commissioner. Here are some of the qualifications that I feel make him a candidate worthy of your vote for re-election to the City Commission:

• Leroy has previous leadership experience as Mayor - during his tenure as Mayor, he built an alliance with Commissioners Davis and Smyth to eradicate the perception of City Council Empire Building.

• Leroy supported Mayor Glen Davis when Mayor Davis determined that the City Council had lost confidence in an ineffective city administrator and assistant city administrator.

• Leroy has the business acumen needed to root out waste of tax dollars.

• Leroy supported Mayor Glen Davis when Mayor Davis led the charge for ending a $125,000 per year contract for an ineffective business consultant. Under previous City leadership that was costing you as a taxpayer no less than $1 million dollars in consulting fees - this could easily be multiplied by a factor of 20 based on the decisions of the previous City Leadership when they followed the consultant's advice.

• Leroy is a Rotarian, which requires members to follow the Rotary ”Four Way Test."

When you are ready to mark your ballot, I would ask you ponder, is the City of Newton in better shape now than it was before Leroy, Glen and Bob first took office. I urge you to vote for Leroy.

— Tim Marlar, Newton