Mark and Bonnie Ekeland are bringing fall carrots to market, and they are so goooood!

Seems to be, ''there is confusion'' about when we, Harvey County Farmers Market, will be closing for the 2017 season. Our Facebook page has been posting (for at least a week or two) that we would close on Saturday,  Oct. 7. Halfway through this past Saturday's market, I heard that had been changed to maybe Oct. 14. Who knows, maybe we will be open through the 28th.

One associate Harvey County Farmers Market member indicated to me a bureaucrat wanted us to close on Oct. 7. Several of us are ready to be there as long as we have willing buyers, product and seasonable weather.

"Does anyone really know what time it is?"

My bad, I forgot last week to explain that, the "chili (and stew) kits" require some assembly. One lady came by and needed some instruction. With her was a granddaughter (at 10 years of age), who stated: ''Grandma, I go to Walton School, I will show you!" 

The weatherman was correct, we did get rain last week and wow, we have had some nice weather. I may need to mow my lawn one more time.

Doris Unruh has been "to Iowa and back" for about the eighth time this year. She has resorted to "smuggling" apples in from her mother's orchard. Fresh, ripe, red apples. My own mother would be baking pies with this type of apple.

Harvey County Farmers Market will plan to have "Tootsie Rolls" on Oct. 14 as part of the local Knights of Columbus fundraiser to assist local programs for the handicapped and Special Olympics.

Rosy Swift is back after dealing with some health concerns. Welcome back Rosy!

Directions to HCFM: From Harvey County West Lake Park, travel east on 36th to Main Street. Then go south to Sixth Street and then east one half block to 121 E. Sixth. HCFM is just south of the Carriage Factory. 

HCFM, your target, the community nucleus of all events in Newton on Saturday mornings — errands, games, practice, dance, gymnastics, garage sales — and the freshest, best value produce in town.

Open 8 a.m. to noon each Saturday.

Check us out on Facebook for our most recent photos and information!


— Norm Oeding is a Harvey County Farmers Market board member.