As we consider how to vote on the school bond issue on Nov. 7, we must know that the Kansas State Department of Education has approved this bond and will pay 28.8 percent of the $61.3 million if passed in November.  That is $17 million from the state!  We need this state money and we don’t have to like all parts of the expenditure to get this monetary benefit.

There are parts of the bond that we like and parts we don’t like.  There are parts we need right now and parts we don’t think are needed.  We wish this bond could be several bonds and we could choose what we vote for.  However, that is not the case.  During the several years that the community has given us the opportunity to express our opinions about the needs of USD 373, not a lot of us have spoken up.  The time is now!

If we pass this approved bond in November with the state’s 28.8 percent included, this community would have $17 million with which we could build a new police station or a new public library. If this bond issue fails in November, USD 373 must get back in line behind other school districts already in line to get approval from the state and we have no idea how much state money will be available for individual districts in future years.  If we resubmit next year, there will be less money available from the state and what we don’t get from the state will come out of our pockets with an increased mill levy so that we can get these much needed renovations done.  The time is now!

Our community values education. Our schools are educating leaders for our future.  We need to make our high school science labs state of the art.  We need to know our students are safe and in an environment which makes learning for all successful.  We need to insure that our leaders of tomorrow are being educated with 21st century technology and learning conditions.  We are willing to give in to some things in this bond issue that we might not choose in order to help build a community with strong schools.  Please vote yes to impact our future.  The time is now!

— Ann and Tom Adrian, Newton