In response to Kevin Henderson's Sept. 26, Letter to the Editor. Mr. Henderson, it should be pointed out that your or President Trump's rhetoric is not what the NFL kneel downs are about. While it suits some people's purpose to make it a divisive argument about respecting the flag it is and always has been in response to African Americans lives lost by law enforcement. If you wish to put words in others' mouths, please have the decency to use the correct words. That real issue should not be overlooked by those of us who will never have to experience it. Protesters' anger should not be displaced by alternate, fictional, red herrings just because we don't agree. Don't confuse protest with disrespect. Our great flag has flown on the most meaningful times in our history. It displayed our gratitude and reverence for those who honored it. It has stood as a reminder to all of our ideals. But, it was also sewn onto the uniforms of those police officers who unjustly killed loved ones the protesters mourn. You can't have it both ways. There exists no horse high enough for us to sit on and diminish the rights and reasons our fellow Americans have to protest when they have been affected negatively by institutions established to protect Americans. If we are safe from the same inequities they face then it should give us pause to ask, why. Why were they treated differently? It should not be an opportunity for others to decide for them the nature of their complaint. We are all entitled to our own opinions but we are not entitled to our own facts. Good advice for all of us, especially over divisive issues. Truth is truth, no matter how you want to wave it. — Anthony Cuellar, Newton