The Harvey County Drug Task Force is starting to get busy — six arrests since Monday and four search warrants in seven days. 

"We are going to turn up the heat," said Chad Gay, Harvey County Sheriff. 

The most recent arrests came Sept. 27, when the Harvey County ERT executed a search warrant in the 300 Block of East Fifth in Newton. Officers arrested four people, seizing marijuana, methamphetamine, measuring scales and other drug paraphernalia. 

Earlier in the week, two people were arrested in Sedgwick when a search warrant led to the seizure of marijuana. 

"I want to be sure we send a message to folks," Gay said. "We are going to get after it."

The Drug Task Force is a partnership between law enforcement agencies in Harvey County. Currently, the Harvey County Sheriff's Office, Newton Police Department and the Hesston Police Department have taken the lead in providing manpower and equipment for the task force to operate. Staffing has come from Newton Police and Harvey County Sheriff's offices. 

This month a proposal brought forth by the two entities responsible for the current staffing of the task force to the Harvey County Council of Governments included the request of $1,000 in funding from each county community – funding which Murphy noted would help the task force handle the main goal of its day-to-day business. 

While the task force is coming to life, it is already flexing its muscle. The task force has led to four search warrants in less than seven days within Harvey County — three of those in Newton. 

"Things are ramping up," said Lt. Bryan Hall with the Newton Police Department. "If you are dealing drugs in our area, the clock is ticking."