There are a lot of people who are sports fans who are turning off tv's and tuning out radios due to the NFL idiocy.

I know families who won't be purchasing season tickets next year for the Chiefs.

I know people, and I'm one of them who will not be watching broadcasts of Sports Events, nor will be patronizing advertisers of those events as long as this disrespect continues.

Evidently, "Freedom of Speech" is only tolerated when it's "Speech" that is approved by the Ctrl-Left.

If you're an NFL Player or a member of the Ctrl-Left ANTIFA, you're evidently entitled to say or do whatever you want.

When you do so, even while at work, in the uniform of your employer, with your over-inflated salary being paid for by money from "Fans", your "Freedom of Speech" is supposed to be protected without consequences.

If you're a Conservative and going to speak at UC Berkeley for example, then you're shut down by protests, rioting and aggravated arson.

So there's a lot of people that are "FED UP" and are going to start voting with their wallets. 

Teams, Media Broadcasters and Advertisers might want to pay attention.

— Kevin Henderson, Halstead