The phones at The Kansan have been very busy this week, and for that we are grateful. We do love hearing from those who read our publication. 

We do wish, however, that we could be talking about other things — taking story tips (we really love those) and hearing about all the great things that are happening in our community. Our phones this week have been filled with calls from people who are asking questions of us — also a good thing — and telling us what they want — an even better thing. 

This busy week has been the result of change. Make no mistake, change is hard. This was the first week of The Kansan without a print edition on Wednesday and Friday. 

Some of the feedback we have received is from those who miss some syndicated features that were not published this week as we make the tranistion to new schedules. We have heard you. We will look at what we can do about that. 

Some just miss having a paper in their hands. We heard you, too. For the foreseeable future, that will not change. We appreciate how you have welcomed us into your home on those days for the decades leading up to this week. 

We will continue to do what we have done since Aug. 22, 1872 — document the unfolding history of Newton, Kansas, as often as we humanly can. Our digital production has not changed this week, though our print has. We are relearning workflow and what we do. We are dealing with change as well. 

Thanks to everyone who has called us, showed us patience and offered suggestions as we move through this. We appreciate you. 

— Kansan Editorial Board