In the aftermath of Harvey, many stories are being told about the goodness of individuals that is overwhelmingly positive in the face of adversity. I'm also heartily encouraged by the efforts of many corporations, helping their employees, neighbors and customers. Academy Sports opened up it's four story Corporate Headquarters complete with space for beds, showers in their gym, and the ability to be both personnel quarters and home base for Emergency Services that have been displaced.  Academy Sports donated 125 Jon Boats with an additional 75 in reserve, as well as numerous items like waders, flotation devices, camping supplies, lanterns, and food.   Bass Pro Shops/Cabela's has donated an immense amount of supplies as well as 80 boats with motors.   Busch shut down producing beer and opened up a Drinking Water Production line.  One local baker and his crew were stranded at work, so they went to work baking thousands of loaves of bread and rolls for those in need of food.   A mattress store owner opened up his shop for people to have a place to sleep and be dry.  General Mills has donated truckloads of baby food and various snack foods, jerky, energy bars, and ready to eat breakfast items.  H.E.B Corporation, a Texas Supermarket Chain as well as WalMart and Kroger have been positioning hundreds if not thousands of truckloads of food and other needed supplies in order to be able to provide for the needs of those affected as soon as possible.  Waffle House is in full swing with their disaster crews in place and feeding their neighbors. A number of restaurants have been feeding first responders and many of those displaced at no cost. Countless Individuals have put forth effort to help their neighbors. The Bubba/Aggie/Cajun Navy Flotilla is in full swing.  Many of those using their boats on their dime, endangering themselves and their property to help out.  But it's not just individuals.  Hundreds of Corporations both small, large and mega, frequently the target of barbs, insults and calls for them to be banned by those on the left have stepped up and helped out, all without demanding a single dime. So Hurrah for Texans and Texas.  Hurrah for all of the American Individuals, American Business Owners, and American Corporations that are stepping up and helping out their friends, family and neighbors. Many Thanks to all of them. — Kevin Henderson, Halstead