Keith Hawkins, 19, accused of two murders in Newton, made a brief appearance in court Friday afternoon. 

Hawkins, who faces a possible death penalty based on a capital murder charge in addition to two first-degree murder charges, was in the courtroom for a hearing surrounding the probable cause affidavits filed by law enforcement. 

Several media companies had filed requests for copies of the affidavit, which in Kansas requires a hearing for the court to provide. Friday judge Marilyn Wilder ruled, in part, in favor of opening the affidavit. She ordered both the defense and prosecution to submit possible redactions by Oct. 9. 

"This is a new case," Wilder said. "... There is information in the affidavit that I believe the victim's family would not want to be released at this time. ... The release of the affidavit without redactions at this time would certainly jeopardize the physical, mental or emotional safety of victims and witnesses and could potentially cause the destruction of evidence."

On Oct. 9 redaction requests will be reviewed. Following that review, a redacted version of the affidavit will be released. 

Both the defense and prosecution argued that with the case only being about 30 days old, an investigation has not been completed and that release of the affidavit would be premature. 

"I do not believe that either party has met the burden for an order sealing the affidavit, but I believe the affidavit should be redacted," Wilder said. "... My role in this proceeding is to make sure the proceedings are fair, not only to the state of Kansas but to Mr. Hawkins while granting appropriate access to the public." 

Hawkins is accused of two murders. A mother and daughter, 24-year-old Alyssa Runyon and 4-year-old Zaylynn Paz, were found dead in their home on Aug. 8. After fleeing to Texas, Hawkins was returned to Kansas and the Harvey County Jail Aug. 11. He has been appointed counsel from the Death Penalty Defense Unit.