A transplant to the city itself, the old railroad depot in Walton will be on the move again Wednesday morning as it is transported to its new home across from the post office (off Highway 50).

Formerly the old Lehigh Depot, the building was originally relocated to Walton 30 years ago and currently occupies the alley space between First and Blaine streets.

"It is an old Santa Fe railroad depot," said owner Robert Gerety. "It's a wooden structure, and it's pretty much in its original condition."

Upon loading the depot on a trailer, the structure — with the assistance of Westar vehicles to raise or lower electrical wires as needed — will make its way to its new home at approximately 9 a.m. Wednesday, traveling west down Blaine to Third Street, then from Third Street to Main and, lastly, the depot will be hauled eastbound on Main towards Second Street and its final destination.

Those interested in witnessing the process are asked by the city of Walton to be mindful of traffic barriers and the vehicles assisting in the transportation so as not to create any additional issues.

Owning a building right next to the planned location, which itself is also railroad-related, Gerety said the site fit. Additionally, it will make the depot more visible — a goal of the process, according to Gerety — after numerous houses were built around its current location.

"You won't be able to miss it," Gerety said. "It's kind of preserving history and I think it'll be a good thing for Walton to have."

While it will take some time to restore, Gerety noted the eventual plan is to convert the depot into an antique store. For more on both the history and future plans for the depot building, check Thursday's edition of The Kansan.