On a Saturday afternoon, four Newton Police Officers headed into Centennial Park with lights blazing on a man hunt and special mission. 

They found their man — 5-year-old Laine Day — and completed their mission — deliver a dream birthday party. 

"Laine loves officers," said Laine's mother, Charissa Day. "Anywhere we go, he has to give them a hug and a high five. None of them are strangers to him. ... He is just a huge law enforcement fan. I pray this continues as he grows older."

Officers delivered a special gift — custom decorated Chevy Tahoe ride-in toy. Laine's parents bought the Tahoe, and it was then custom wrapped in Newton Police graphics by Bill Ryan at Those Blasted Signs. 

Officer Jordan Garver, Officer Brandon So, Cpl. DeAnna Mowery, and Sgt. Maurice Montano delivered the small truck and made Laine and "honorary officer" during the party. 

About 14 children attended the special party. 

"I want to thank them for their time and commitment," Charissa said. "Lt. Bryan Hall went out of his way. This took two months of planning. ... They were very sweet. Even after all they did, they brought him some other gifts on their own as well. "