BURRTON — There was a moment when the Burrton/Fairfield eight man football game looked like a track meet — in less than a minute the teams combined for four touchdowns in the third quarter. Coaches could be heard, quite clearly, yelling to their huddle that the first team to make a defensive stop would win the game.

The Chargers responded on their home field, promptly stopping Fairfield with a four-and-out that protected a two point lead. Three touchdowns and a quarter and a half later, Burrton iced a 66-40 victory.

“Once we got that stop in the second half, it was over right there,” said senior Bryce Meacham. “We got defensive momentum.”

For his part, Meacham had two touchdown receptions in his first game as a charger. The senior was one of several players talked into going out for football by coach Chris Jensen and other players on the team after a year ago the Chargers ended the season not only winless but with only one sub on the bench. 

“I am very glad came out this year. The coaches recruited me and the players all told me to play and I thought I could help the team out,” Meacham said.

His efforts, along with the efforts of 16 other chargers on the roster, brought an end to a 17 game losing streak for Burrton, and an even longer stretch of 54 losses in 55 games.

“Honestly, I have not been thinking about the losing streak,” Jensen said. “My dad died this week, and I was just thinking about the games that are in front of us and the practices in front of us — controlling what I can control. I can't control the losing streak.”
Jensen said while many could point to that defensive stop in the third quarter— which led to Burrton rattling off 32 unanswered points, the momentum changed much, much earlier than that for the Chargers.

“This game turned during basketball season,” Jensen said. “When we played these guys in basketball we were 30 points better than them. It came to me, that we have athletes in our school if we can get them out. From that moment on, I started working on getting the athletes out. … We made mistakes tonight, but we had athletes everywhere.”

Full statistics from the game were not available.

Burrton will travel to Stafford next week.


Scoring summary

FHS 16 8 16 0 40

BHS 12 12 24 16 66

First quarter

9:48 FHS Haumont to Evans, 26 yard pass. (MacMahon run) 8-0

7:37 BHS Smith to Rimbey, 28 yard pass (run failed) 8-6

5:10 FHS MacMahon, 26 yard run. (Pankratz run) 16-6

1:22 BHS Smith to Meacham, 19 yard pass. (run failed) 16-12

Second quarter

7:54 FHS MacMahon, 7 yard run (Haumont to Pankratz) 24-12

7:32 BHS Smith, 32 yard run. (Smith to Rimbey) 24-20

1:19 BHS Hughes, 7 yard run. (pass failed) 24-26

Third quarter

10:18 FHS Snap out the back of end zone, safety 26-26

6:31 FHS MacMahon, 4 yard run (Pankratz run) 34-26

6:16 BHS Smith to Meacham, 43 yard pass. (Smith run) 34-34

5:57 FHS MacMahon, 51 yard run. (run failed) 40-34

5:44 BHS Smith to Hughes, 49 yard pass. (Smith to Cooperider) 40-42

3:30 BHS Smith to Hughes, 51 yard pass (Smith to Cooperider) 40-50

Fourth quarter

11:53 BHS Hughes, 18 yard run (Smith run) 40-58