It's outa hand, time to shave. Oh these beards, everywhere beards.... Here a beard, there a beard, Old McDonald had a beard, EE-I-EE-I-Oh--Enough!

Baseball and beards, anyone else miss chins, manly jaw-lines and clean shavin' skin? I do. Imagine Dick Tracy with a beard, it wouldn't work. Someone famous, please, start a new fad and say good-bye to the hair.

Why not shave it off for a favorite charity and do some good?

There's practically a Walgreen's on every corner. Come on, buy a razor! Pass the scissors around, get over the hair already. --Maybe it would cut seconds off running the bases, that's something to consider.

Grizzly Adams must have been on my T.V. last night, does he play baseball for the Colorado Rockies? Sorry, Charlie, but it's gotta go! If you weren't famous, I'd think you were homeless and that is not an easy look to master.

Danny Duffy, you are a-okay! Now there once was a Shoeless Joe Jackson how about a Hairless Alex Gordon. Works for me.

I say all this in good fun, I am reminded of the historic story about the little girl, Grace Bedell, in Delphos, Kansas, who wrote President Abraham Lincoln and suggested he grow a beard and he did, but he first called it "a silly affectation."

Baseball players should consider leaving the distracting beards in Louisiana with the Robinson family on Duck Dynasty.

— Rachel Bachman, Hesston