I know nothing about the politics of who determines gasoline prices in Newton. Many years ago certain Newton stations would start “gas wars” and other stations would try to end them. However, it does appear that, despite the efforts of the two Kwik Shops in Newton, we have enjoyed some of the lower prices in central Kansas this summer. I say this because on at least three occasions the Newton Kwik Shops increased their gasoline prices by fifteen cents or more per gallon overnight. Other stations followed suit and raised prices, but only by five to ten cents. Over the next week or so the Kwik Shops lowered their prices to match the other stations and eventually everyone’s prices were back where they began. It would appear that the Kwik Shops want us to pay considerably more for gasoline than other Newton gas stations do! The Kwik Shops should explain and justify their actions, or perhaps Newtonians should be boycotting the Kwik Shops. — David A. Haury, Newton