More details came to light Tuesday afternoon after one person died following a police chase that ended on I-135 near Moundridge Monday night. 

The death left a family without a member, and full of questions. The family met with Police Chief Eric Murphy on Tuesday afternoon. 

At about 10:35 p.m. Monday, Newton Police was notified of attempted burglaries in the 300 Block of Lakeshore Drive. The driver of a car was confronted by homeowners in that area before the chase began. 

"[The driver] came dangerously close to striking homeowners with the vehicle," said Lt. Bryan Hall of the Newton Police Department. 

About four minutes later, Newton Police located the car. 

At about 10:37 p.m., Newton police officers attempted to stop a vehicle reported to have been involved in a car burglary. The vehicle fled the scene and led officers on a high-speed chase north on I-135.

"They fled at a high rate of speed," Hall said. 

Speeds reached 150 miles per hour as the car, driven by William M. Holmes, 24, fled northbound. With him in the car was Kenneth C. Herrod, 22. 

After running over stop sticks, the car kept moving despite one of the front wheels losing a tire and running on a bare rim.  The car came to rest in the median near mile marker 51 — about 20 miles from where the chase began. The car's occupants did not emerge for several minutes.

"They communicated their refusal [to come out] using profane language," Hall said. 

 According to a Newton Police Department news release, when the driver emerged, the occupants became combative.

"When he exited the vehicle he took an aggressive stance and taunted the officers," Hall said. 

According to police, officers used other non-lethal options — including beanbag rounds, a Taser and a K-9 — to subdue Holmes, but those efforts were unsuccessful. When Holmes allegedly tried to kick the K-9 in the head, an officer attempted to physically subdue the driver, police said.

"When an officer saw what he thought was the K-9 being injured, he rushed in to subdue the driver," Hall said. 

Holmes reportedly tried to take an officer's gun. According to police, at that point, the officer alerted other officers. A McPherson County Sheriff's deputy saw the driver trying to take the gun and "felt compelled to use lethal force to protect our officer's life," police said.

"When you are in close proximity to an individual, and they are trying to take your weapon, there is only really one reason for that," Hall said. "They are trying to use that against us. ... That is why we have to make decisions very quickly, in the fractions of a second. ... It takes fractions of a second, that is the difference between life and death."

The McPherson County deputy has been placed on leave and will be questioned by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. 

First aid was given and Holmes was transported to a hospital in Moundridge and later died.

Family questioned how police handled the situation, telling media that the suspect suffered from mental health problems. 

"I have heard those rumors as well," Hall said. "I am not going to talk about those. That is a private issue with his family."

Following the incident, officers were treated for injuries and are in good condition.

Herrod was charged with burglary, theft and felony obstruction of law enforcement. 

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation has taken the lead in the investigation.

"There is a lot of body cam and dash cam video of this incident," Hall said. "We cannot release that to protect the integrity of the KBI investigation."