I scream. You scream. We all scream for...peanuts?

That was exactly the case at the Newton Wal-Mart on Thursday, as visitors could be heard yelling their nut preferences to the crew from the Planters NUTmobile — swinging through town as part of its current, year-long tour.

Making its inaugural stop in Newton, the NUTmobile and its crew will be visiting different locations in the Wichita metropolitan area this weekend — including El Dorado, Derby and Augusta — as it passes through a different city each week, with upcoming stops planned further south in Texas, New Orleans, etc.

While the famous legume Mr. Peanut made an appearance in Newton, those who stopped by the NUTmobile on Thursday were also able to take their picture with the "nutty" vehicle and profess their love for the brand's snack of choice to receive free samples — a testament to the engagement the tour seeks to promote.

"Our goal is to go out and meet people and have fun activities, which is 'shout for nuts' this time around," said crew member Iara Aldope. "People love it. So many people are very engaged with the 'shout for nuts.' They're having lots of fun."

That love is one born of familiarity, as Aldope noted so many people have their own story to tell about Planters and the company's 101-year-old mascot — like having a Mr. Peanut lunchbox while growing up — and the crew enjoys hearing them all.

"We really love meeting the people and getting to know them. A lot of them have known Mr. Peanut from when they were little," Aldope said. "It's part of these people's lives. Planters has been around for so long."

Plenty of stories were shared in Newton on Thursday and numerous visitors were more than happy to shout out their favorite nut for samples and more, with hundreds turning up within the first hour of the NUTmobile's arrival.

Visitors were happy to interact with the crew and Mr. Peanut himself, but for others the appeal of the unique NUTmobile was enough to draw them out — the second unusual mode of transportation Terry and Carol Ford got to experience with their granddaughter in as many weeks.

"We've never been down and saw the Wienermobile (until) last week and thought we'd bring here to see that (the NUTmobile) this week," Terry said.

Others interested in learning more about the NUTmobile and future stops can visit www.planters.com/nutmobile.