Here is a question for you!

What is the period of critical water need for beans or peas?

Flowering           b) head development      c)   pod enlargement   d)  root enlargement

This is one of the 4-H Horticulture judging question from the past weekend State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest.

If you answered C you are correct!

This past Saturday was the State 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest at Kansas State University.  Three Senior age youngsters competed for Harvey County.  Harper Zonker from Halstead placed in the top 10 individuals coming in at fifth.  Other senior division team members from Harvey County were Mikey Storey of Sedgwick and Jenna Baldwin of Newton.  This senior team placed fifth overall.  It’s great to see the hard work of youth paying off for them.

Intermediate team members competing were Alice Claassen and Jadyn Eckert.

I conduct practices during the summer leading up to the Harvey County Fair.  Along with help from our master gardeners, I conduct a contest at the fair, then we participate in the state contest. 

Youth learn horticulture plant identification like trees, vegetables shrubs and flowers.  They also learn decision making skills by determining how to select and rank horticultural crops.  The horticulture knowledge exam of 25 questions test their knowledge of vegetables, plant growth and irrigation.


It takes practice and persistence to become a better judge as all of these 4-H youth demonstrated.


— Scott Eckert is a Kansas State Research and Extension Agent for Harvey County. Horticulture is his specialty. The Harvey County Extension Office can be contacted at 284-6930