With its colorful, eye-catching exterior, The Thrifty Pickers, a new thrift store located at 202 W. Fifth St. in Newton, is already drawing people in its door.


"It's pink," co-owner Deb Kasper laughed. "We call it the little pink store. At first, we were going to repaint, but it kind of grows on you."


Kasper, along with business partner Brandy Grimes, opened The Thrifty Pickers as a venue to sell items as a complement to their online auctions.


"We got the lease and had it open in six days," Kasper said.


The Thrifty Pickers is set up with booths that vendors use to sell items such as jewelry, toys, DVDs, home decor, glassware and books.


"It just kind of depends on what we find," Kasper said. "My booth is mostly vintage things."


One booth area is filled with edible items from The Happy Hurd's Homestyle Eats and Treats, made by Joel and Kerri Hurd of Newton.


"He does breads and pies, jellies, jams and preserves," Kasper noted.


Customers can visit the store to place or pick up special orders from the Hurd's menu, which includes monster cookies, pumpkin bars, carrot cake, yeast breads, cinnamon rolls, lemon poppy seed bread, fruit cobblers, fruit pies and homestyle jams.


Kasper said her favorite jam is called "Kentucky Bar Fight."


"It's got blueberry, blackberries, jalapenos and bourbon in it," Kasper said. "It's awesome."


Customers will be presented with an ever-changing inventory of items at The Thrifty Pickers.


"All of us are pickers, so we're constantly moving stuff," Kasper said. "It's going to be new every time you come in."


Any items that do not sell in the shop will be sold using online auctions.


"It's going to be kind of a different business idea," Kasper said. "There will be stuff in here, but it won't stay."


The items for sale in The Thrifty Pickers come from several different sources.


"Auctions, yard sales, estate sales, people's garages or barns — it doesn't matter, we will pick anything," Kasper said.


Customers who are collectors or who are looking for something unique can put in a request at The Thrifty Pickers for specific items.


"We keep a list of what people are looking for, that way we can try to find those things for them," Kasper said.


Though they plan on filling the store with as many items as they can, Kasper noted the aisles will be kept at four feet in width to accommodate shoppers in wheelchairs.


The Thrifty Pickers is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday. Parking is available in front of the store or in the parking lot west of the building.


The store will have a grand opening weekend Oct. 6 and 7. To celebrate, The Thrifty Pickers will sell food including hamburgers, pulled pork, nachos beginning at noon both days. Prizes will be raffled with tickets being sold for $2 each or three for $5.


For more information about The Thrifty Pickers, call 316-212-1410 or 316-288-0474.