“My Centennial Cookbook is falling apart.  Can we get another?”  asked Judy Goering of Moundridge.

She had a problem. She wanted to preserve old Swiss Volhynian recipes and how to make them.

That led the Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association (SMCHA) board members to try and solve that problem.  

The Swiss Mennonite Cultural and Historical Association (SMCHA) is a nonprofit organization comprising descendants of immigrant Mennonites who came to the United Staes in the 1870s from what is now the Ukraine.  Their ancestors originated in Switzerland, passing through many countries in Europe including France, Germany, Austria and Poland on their way to the Ukraine.

Their answer was “Swiss Volhynian Favorite Recipes,” which includes 23 recipes, and two DVDs of expert cooks demonstrating how to make bohna beroggi, cheese and kraut beroggi, poppy seed rolls, and kurivi (traditional “wedding cake” — frosted sweet bread with corn candy on top).  

“Frequently we were able to enjoy these foods at family reunions or at Christmas at grandma’s but now grandma might not be home anymore and we can’t quite remember how to make these,  and our children have moved all over the country and are not here for Sunday dinner to experience the specialties,”  Goering said.

The SMCHA answer included asking Jeanette Krehbiel Wedel from Hesston, who can supply most any baked goods — but is known for Kurivi.  As owner of the Mixing Bowl Bakery in Hesston for many years, she developed Swiss Volhynian recipes that can now be found in “Swiss Volhynian Favorite Recipes.”

The book is available for $20.  Call Kathy Goering at 620-345-8532 or Jeanette Wedel  at 620-217-2445 to reserve a copy.