A Peabody man, Michael L. Aycock, remains missing after more than two months despite efforts to locate him.

Aycock was last seen in Walton on  May 30.

"We have had a few leads, but they did not pan out," said Robert Guest, an investigator with the Harvey County Sheriff's Department. "When a lead comes in, we chase it down. ... It is very (baffling)."

But law enforcement has come up empty as Aycock's family has continued to search and made pleas on social media for help. 

Aycock was last seen getting out of a white Escalade in Walton. He left the resident’s home to meet someone, and has not been seen or heard from since.

Guest said law enforcement agencies are looking for Aycock, and they are monitoring hospital admissions and mental health facility admissions as the search.

"He is an adult, and adults are allowed to go off and avoid people if they want to," Guest said. "... We do not suspect foul play."

Guest said he maintains contact with Aycock's sister as the search continues.  

Aycock has a barbed wire tattoo that says “hotshot” on his shoulder and a skull like tattoo on one of his forearms. He weighs between 160 and 180 pounds, is 5-10 with brown eyes and black hair. He does not have much control of his left arm due to a car accident. 

"If you see him, or know his whereabouts, feel free to contact me," Guest said. 

The county sheriff's office can be reached at 316-284-6960.